Friday, 1 June 2012

Red, white and blue......

Jubilee time at last!!!
I have to confess to not really being terribly into things 'Royal'. But with all the hype surrounding the Jubilee, how can you not feel just a tad bit excited by the weekend that lies ahead? There's soooo much going on (almost too much) and with all the bunting flapping outside houses....Ok, so we're going with the flow.
Not content with the plastic bunting that is lurking somewhere within the over packed garage, I decided to make my own (why oh why????). Anyway here goes.....

Pretty fabrics purchased from Freelance Fabrics in Kidlington.
 I cut out three different sized triangles and some hearty hearts too and laid them out on the floor to determine my spacing and the pattern of flags. I've made mine double sided.
 The finished garland! I snipped the edges with pinking shears, it stops the flags fraying and gives them a textured look (also hides imperfections!)
 Tad ah!!!!
 And here they are on my fig tree for all to see when they visit this weekend. That'll be the cat, dog and the postman then.....
 Oooh had to share the decorations of Chipping Norton with you. Aren't they lovely? There's a lady who knits and crochets and sneaks around popping up these little beauties to glorify the town. Well they have certainly cause a stir and talking point in our household.....Yes mam, well worth a glance!!
 Well lovelies, enjoy the festivities of the weekend whatever they may be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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