Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Totally hooked!

Have I told you about my new passion? 
I had been wanting to create a 'Granny square' for oooh ages and ages. I borrowed several books from the library but could I follow the instructions ....in a word 'no'. How could something creative escape my capabilities??? Not to be deterred I looked up the basic steps on You tube and within no time I had whipped up a bag (sort of). Then I stopped practising my new found talent and forgot how to do it , until, that is I discovered Lucy at attic24 then arr I was totally hooked once again. I realised that my house also needed to be filled with colour so I've been busy playing hooky here and there for weeks not snatching little bits of time to create beautiful things to cheer up my house and all who grace her.
Check out these roses, I can master one in 20 minutes now....yes I know I told you I was hooked!
I've gone on to create a whole bowl full! Not sure what I'm going to do with them? Perhaps I could make brooches, hair clips, I could decorate clothes....oooh the possibilities are endless....
But my latest project.....
 It's going to be a cushion cover.
Did you gather my new passion is Crochet?
Right I'm off, I have more cupcakes to decorate....Mamas coming to tea! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I can totally relate to the "get Hooked" passion. I have recently taught myself to croshet too and I love it. I can even follow a pattern now. At present I am trying to make a baby cardigan. I will let you know that outcome. Melanie