Monday, 11 June 2012

News from the cottage

Awww rain rain pleaaaasssssse go away!
I think I speak for most of us when I say 'enough is enough'. Surely that hose-pipe ban will have to be lifted soon? We shall all have to build arks at this rate!
Anyway enough of my complaining....what's been going on in cottage number 2?
Well we had the Jubilee weekend......
My bunting flew in the tree looking pretty and the sun beamed down for some of the weekend at least. We went along to our local Street party and discovered that 'The Cameron's' were also in attendance. In fact the children sat next to them! Me being the cool, 'I don't want to appear startstruck' momma just casually nibbled my food whilst standing around, and it wasn't for about 30 minutes that I whispered in Miss P's ear that she was sitting next to the PM....Mmmm what a surprise that was to her.
This was a Nigella 'London Cheese cake' I baked for tea with my family. We used my grandmother's old bone china tea set so serve it on. Tea with cucumber sandwiches and cake (lots of it) arrr just perfect and very British!
This is my latest sewy project...'What is it?' I hear you ask, well this is my newest creation and it's a badge banner. Yes, that's right, you sew those wonderful swimming, ballet, whatever badges on it and hang it on the wall. Brilliant for displaying all those sew-on numbers for keeps. Shall be selling these if you're interested!

This is the little sports car that Tim bought me last year. I love it!
Loved the vrooom and the rattles as it put puts along...not so sure about the cloud of smoke that erupts occasionally from the exhaust though!
Just drove it for the first time yesterday to the vintage and classic car show in Churchill. Yes, that's a sale sign in the window...unfortunately it's not really a family car....but I shall enjoy it whilst I have it!

And finally.....
Don't forget to smell those flowers! Aren't they pretty?

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