Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Hair Studio

As a home educating family I am always amazed and excited by the little things that my children think of and do. This morning P created a card board violin complete with bow, which was 3 diamensional. It didn't work, but the thought and detail that went into the design were incredible.
This afternoon, it's a different story:- 'The Hair Salon!'

Note the sign says quite clearly 'No children under 4'! (thats Fen out!)

We are always expected to pay...such entrepreneurs! Although on this one occasion I am told my style is free....

 Mmmm, no comment!

P and E even created their own 'Hairdressing club' T-shirts!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Romancing the Ordinary

I have to share with you a book I am reading....'Romancing the Ordinary - A year of everyday indulgences' by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Written month by month, this little treasure helps one to see the romance in ordinary everyday things. Last week I found romance in soft luxury socks which prompted an affair with my feet.
Having re-discovered lovely socks I realised that the 'not so little' trotters positioned at the end of my legs were...let's say, in need of a little TLC. So my romance blossomed further as I took to work to lessen the damage to the poor workhorses and created a lovely foot balm which I have used every day since.

I modified a recipe that I already had. Here's what went into the scrumptious mixture:

A little Mango butter
2 oz Cocoa butter
2oz Shea butter
100ml Olive oil (just regular kitchen OO)
A couple of drops of Orange essential oil and a couple of drops of lime EO

Just melt the butters in a baine marie and stir in the olive oil. Leave to cool then add the essentail oils and whisk. Pop into lovely jars and use as required. I massage a generous amount into each foot before slipping each foot into a lovely sock.
Try it at bedtime and check out the results in the morning!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

My Mother

Some of my lovely friends called by yesterday (I was mopping the floor, see I can do it!), with the latest edition of 'The Scrumbler'  a poetry magazine for children. My daughter had submitted a poem which appears in the current issue, I'd like to share it with you.

    My Mother                                  

My mother is kind and gentle,
She feeds me food like lentils.
She's loving and caring,
And always sharing.
She likes to cook,
From the cookery book.
She likes the computer,
She's also my tutor.
She plants lots of seeds,
And grows many weeds.
She wakes up at eight,
Which is rather late!
But I don't mind,
Because she's my mother
and there could be no other.

The Scrumbler is printed three times a year and is available from

Less is definitely more.

 Having moved beyond Christmas and the season of 'over consumption', February is a month of birthdays in our family. Four family members share the 1st (Dad and his two brothers who are identical triplets, and my lovely cousin). Another cousin celebrates on 3rd, my darling daughter on the 15th and my grandmother on the 24th (a special 80th this year)! I am always stumped with the same problem of what to buy the person as a gift. I refuse to believe that there are many things that we actually 'need' these days that we don't already have or that we cannot purchase, when we do. The number of times I have bought Dad something which I consider to be really unique only to be told 'I've got three of these!' Really, what is the point? How do we get out of this consumerist mess that we have got into? 
On a daily basis I hear friends talking about how they are literally down to their last pennies, yet these same people wear designer clothes, eat out several times a week etc etc Why?
Somehow we need to return to the age where it was 'cool' to be be different, the time when houses contained the minimum amount of 'stuff', where people reused (to many of course this is the 'norm'). 
I visited a lovely couple today who are expecting their first child very soon. They are obviously thrilled about their imminent addition and it was lovely to share that joy. That was until I was asked to view the nursery and the 'things' they had purchased. The fancy pram, designer outfits, luxury furniture, the list is endless. I am not raving because I am jealous in anyway. I could have had these things too had I been that way inclined. But I decided that these things weren't necessary. Second hand was good, less was definitely more. I felt a little lump that formed in my throat as I viewed with a rather false sense of enthusiasm. I wonder how many of those lovely little outfits will ever be worn and will she realise that baby grows are by far the easiest and most comfortable item of clothing? I suspect not. How could I tell them that they could save themselves a huge sum of money, without appearing rude? Well of course I couldn't and wouldn't to someone I don't know too out sister! 
I'll leave you with this we go about our day today, how many of the things that surround us could we do without and would we feel more liberated without those items?
I speak from my rather cluttered bedroom that doubles up as a study....I think tomorrow I shall see if I can answer my own questions!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Puppy journey continued

The following night to our surprise, another 3 puppies were born (although two did not survive).

Raising four puppies has been an amazing experience. Until three weeks of age, Jen did all the work. Feeding and clearing up the pooh. From that point onwards things do get a little more full-on for the pet owner. The pups manage to get out of their whelping box and attack everything in their path (legs, laundry etc) and this continues.
Christmas was probably the most challenging time when the pups reached 6 weeks. At that point the box was being kept in the dining room. I could not tell you how many times I had to clear up pooh that day, not so nice when you have just sat down for lunch with a room full of guests!
We started to advertise the puppies after Christmas. I had not wanted to let them go before this point as I had been worried that they would be sold as presents (not good). The initial take up was very slow and I did fear that no-one would buy them and that we would be stuck with 5 dogs!
Luckily they have now been sold, apart from the one remaining one that we intend to keep. So I guess our journey is just beginning.......