Thursday, 28 June 2012

The 'not so' domestic goddess!

I refuse to think of myself as a domestic goddess these days. It's not the fact that I don't enjoy pottering about in the home and producing lots of lovely things to eat and to look at, it's more the fact that I refuse to think of my self as 'domesticated'. I rather think domesticated refers to one who is tame and obedient...that is not me! Oh no, not me!! It's that wild side that refuses to conform and become predictable in her ways. We all have that within us, it's just whether we allow it to be active or dorment. I guess it's back down to all that stuff about whether or not you act the person you are or whether you behave and live as others think you should. Anyway, how did I get here? Well I was going to share my enthusiasm for cleaning with you...yawn, yawn I hear....I know not the most exciting subject is it. I am not house proud in terms of being obsessive about cleanliness but I am proud of the home I keep and have created. I have moved house eight times during the past twelve years (an expert in the field I now think). Each time I have been incredibly sad to leave the home that I have grown to know and love, every intricate nook and cranny that I have endured to dust and polish time and time again. But as the process of moving gets underway, I have realised that it is your existance, your family and friends and your belongings that make your home special and homely to you, and when you and your treasured possessions become familiar with their new residence, then that becomes 'home'.
I have been at cottage number two for about ten weeks now (oh how time has flown)! I still have unpacked boxes around that I don't seem to notice much any more (there's a danger there). But I have some pictures up and I have created some lovely things to make my space homely.
 Fir cones look beautiful and natural and are great room fresheners if you pop a few drops of essential oil on them. I used Lemongrass which I love, although it did smell slightly of cat pee after a few days!
 Look, there it is again on one of our many bookcases!
 Oh this is sad...does anyone feel that amazing sense of pride when their sink gleams? Mmmm, (turns head away) I just can't help it. Perhaps it's because it doesn't look like that all the time!
 Here is my finished project with those crochet flowers that I became so hooked with...I am very proud of this one!
And a posy from the garden, there is something really lovely about bringing in some of the garden.

Enough from me, have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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