Thursday, 23 March 2017

Welcome back!

People out there, hello! I'm back! Winter induced the downtime and it's been lovely. It's been a period of hibernation...ideas have been flowing and now I feel I have's Spring! :-)

So what of my period of hibernation?
It's been wonderful!
Work throughout January and early February was unusually quiet. I think that the powers that be decided I should have a little time out. Time to think, play and hatch out some plans.

For quite a while now I've been wanting to design and make clothing to sell on Etsy. I don't know about you but when I look around the High Street stores I just don't see the style of clothing that I like anymore. I've never particularly been into fashion but I do still like to look good. Many of the designs out there are too short or the cut just doesn't flatter. It's made me question exactly what us women do want?
Well speaking for myself of course, I personally want clothes that are comfortable, easy to wear, forgiving...that's a must! Versatile ...another must really. It's great to buy items that can be teamed up with other garments and dressed up and down depending on the occasion.
I've spent quite a while fiddling about in my little sewing room and did come up with a few designs. I'm not revealing anything yet...(top secret!) but will as soon as I'm happy with what I have created.

Quite recently I've had my garden shed re-roofed. It was rather rotten and a tad damp (well it is a shed!)....anyway, the creative possibilities that have now emerged as a result of feeling that it isn't going to fall down imminently have filled me with excitement! (I'm wondering if admitting to this is actually making me sound somewhat 'sad?) So the thought of a 'she-shed' is manifesting. Of course if the shed is to become anything other than a dumping ground it has to be cleared out and sorted and other areas too need addressing in order to re-arrange the stuff. It's the usual thing really. So we've made a start. I've come up with the ideas and have provided the initial motivation and the kids (haha) have started on the decorating! It's jolly useful to be able to put them to work now that they have become a little older and are more able :-) No justifications needed really, they will be able to use the new space as a den/chill out area and I will be able to escape them and possibly use it for larger craft projects. It's win win!

I've been using the dark Winter evenings to join one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy at Attic 24 and her crowd of followers, to join in her CAL (crochet along). I'm not all that good at following instructions or sticking to the book but the inspiration for this CAL (which incidentally is ANOTHER blanket) is in fact the North Yorkshire Moors, one of my most favourite areas of the country especially when the heather is in bloom. So the colours of the blanket are those of the moors with the heather in bloom. I resisted the draw of this project for quite some time and then gave in and bought myself the yarn pack for Christmas. I love having a crochet project on the go and it quite literally goes everywhere with me just in case I have a spare moment. In the Winter months, creating a blanket is lovely as when it grows you can wrap yourself in it and enjoy the warmth it provides. I'm halfway there now, perhaps it will be ready for next Winter!

Other than that I continue to live life as a romantic adventure, looking for the romance in the everyday mundane.
I read a little quote last week that I had forgotten but do recall resonated some years ago

'Make your life a romantic adventure and love will find you'.

I am as always engulfed in love and this little quote has made it's mark on me once again. I particularly chuckled to myself last Friday when I landed myself the job of towing a caravan to Oxford from the outskirts of London!

Life is never dull!!