Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Love set in stone

Arrr another beautiful day in and around the cottage. I do love beautiful Summer days when the sun is high and the grass is lush and green and all the trees and flowers are in you get the sense of dreaminess I am feeling?
Well today was an especially lovely and productive day. I dropped small boy off at pre-school first thing (late as usual)! Then off we plodded for a lovely walk with the dog. The girls had different ideas...mmmm yes, they were rather tired after being allowed to stay up late last night to watch a film....shall think twice next time as now I pay the price...little madams!
Anyway, the walk was to kill a little time, you see today I had arranged to finish my 'love stone' that I started a few weeks back when the lovely Bernard Johnson (Stone Carver) invited us to come along and try our hand. Well now, we lived next door to this lovely chappie for three years and I can honestly say that I was put off by the constant stream of dust, but I went along mainly to supervise the little people and thought I'd have a go to. Oh my, I was hooked! I decided to create 'love' and set it in stone (well you know I thought it might be nice after all that happened last year). The experience was amazing, wonderful, I loved it!!!! And, it was not as difficult as I thought. I had a few mishaps, like the stone broke on the 'v', but hey that seemed quite fitting 'broken love'. Bernard came to my rescue and fixed it ('mended love'). So would you like to see the finished piece?
Here it is:-
It took a while to work those letters out but I feel quite proud of myself! So 'love' it is....set in stone too!

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  1. Wow Kim, that is amazing, well done - totally beautiful xx