Thursday, 15 September 2016

All change September.....SCHOOL

Arrr September!
Isn't it odd, the month changes and it seems that almost overnight the nights start drawing in and the start and finishes of each day seem to have a dewy crispiness about them.
Hello early autumn!

Life in our domain has experienced a rather significant change this week. The Little Lady has for the first time EVER, just started school. It's a shock to say the least! It all came about way back this time last year when I was in the depths of helping Miss P with her IGCSE studies and decided that I'd rather not go through all the stress  and torture that comes with the responsibility of educating your own (and that was with the help of tutors who provided most of the direction and input!) I just had that moment of thinking how much easier life would be if I handed over the responsibility to the state. Hmmm!
So we called up the school and arranged a viewing etc etc and here we are at the beginning of the term with the whole idea now a firm reality.

This is all very different........

Of course I went to school (in body) and so know how the system works, but this is a small school and I got a really good feel about it.

It's tricky when you know that there are very positive and fun alternatives..........

The beginning of the first week started off well. We were both enthusiastic about the change and embraced the idea of the opportunities that being part of an organisation/institution present. The realisation is a very different story. Suddenly the Little Lady and are are faced with early mornings and early nights. Turning your routine around is not easy, especially after the loveliness of the loooonngggg lazy summer days that we have become accustomed to. I could feel myself age rapidly as my body was rudely awoken from it's peaceful slumber to drive the 9 mile hike to reach the place.

We have to give this a go..........

The first few days were a novelty, a period of adjustment and finding your way. Then the reality of the situation sets in and you begin to question your decision and the reason why you have steered clear of this route for so long.

Why are we actually doing this?...........

We want to be educated right.....and make lots of friends........and have amazing opportunities.........and this is the way it's done.
Hmmm.....those of you who question the system as I do will know all too well that this is not the only way.
The comments flow....'This is boring......, I already know that......., why does it take 5 hour long lessons to learn how to use a Bunsen burner?'

The light bulb is on........questioning?????