Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Moon Walk

This coming Saturday night, Kat Patrick, Jenny Ballam and myself are walking 26.2 miles in order to raise breast awareness and money for research into breast cancer.
We have been training now since Christmas, mainly alone but on occasions all together.
I had initially thought that this challenge would be easy, 26 miles, no problems! I thought I was pretty fit. WRONG!!!! Although I participate in a Jive dance classs every week and was when I started out jogging a couple of times a week (a miles or so), walking (power walking) is different.
Thankfully I realised this fact a good three months back so have been able to build up my walking stamina since that time. Back then up to 8 miles seemed such a long way, now it is a warm up. It really is incredible how quickly you can build yourself up when you follow a training plan.
I think the extent of this challenge really hit me about five weeks ago when I walked 13 miles. For the last three miles of that stint my pelvis felt like it was going to fall apart. I could have cried and did when I was condemned by Mr S for taking 'such a long time' to get home!
Thankfully 20 miles didn't seem too bad (well not whilst I was doing it, my feet suffered as soon as I stopped and I struggled to press the clutch to drive home).
So why am I doing this? Firstly my lovely grandmother died of breast cancer when I was only eight, secondly because it's a great challenge and thirdly because like every wild woman, I need the space!
Please think of me between midnight Saturday and 9am Sunday.....xx