Sunday, 17 June 2012

I did it!!!

Since moving into Cottage number 2 about two months ago, I've had numerous heaps (quite literally) of shelves, things and pictures that have needed putting up on the wall. With no man about the house and little F, well just a little too little, it's been left to me. I could have asked some other willing chappie of course and I've had some very kind offers of help, but you know how it is if you're the sort of person who is (dare I say?) just a little's OK to drive your husband mad when you say 'this way a bit, no that way, up a little...yes....oh no, here', but to drive some other poor man to the edge of despair from which point they may never be willing to help again, just doesn't seem right. So the heaps of things have just become part of the furniture and the drill I borrowed from Dad several weeks ago has just sat there waiting with intent.
 Until today that is.........I decided to start with securing an old bookcase to the wall in the shed (the shed is already falling down so I figured if things went completely wrong it's better to wreck the shed then the house!). Anyway, when I got out there I realised that there is just too much stuff in the way to get to the shelves, a bit of wood was protruding out of the wall which needs moving first and there was just not enough room to manoeuvre the bookcase to do it, so rather then give up before starting I moved to another job.
Now most normal people would practise using a drill on a small item......not I, I seem to have an inbuilt something that wont permit such, I tend to plunge straight in at the deep end......
 The biggest set of shelves to go in the most prominent area of the house!
Oooh the excitement of it all from working out how to open the end of the drill to put the drill bit in, to working out what size raw plug and screws to use. Hehe here was a girl on a serious mission!!
 With pencil behind ear I clambered onto the kitchen table with the shelves precariously balanced in arms...not an easy feat that. The trusty spirit level balanced perfectly on the top and 'mark, mark'....oh the suspense of it all!
A few quick revs on the drill (I've observed that to be part of the process) and away I went drilling freely. On the first attempt those little plastic plugs just wouldn't fit the holes, so a larger drill bit was needed and oooh in they went with a little help from my hammer...very neat!
Next I had to tackle holding that shelf and screwing in the screws...oh the sheer relief and delight to see my holes perfectly lined up and how easy it was to screw in those little babies.
 Tad ah!!!!!
Finally I can unpack another box and enjoy another piece of home.
Right what's next?

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