Monday, 25 March 2013

A taste of dance

It was only a matter of time before 'Wyld Woman' ventured into the realms of Pole Dancing!

It was in a moment of naughtiness that I came across a Groupon voucher to try out this daring pass time at a fraction of the normal price....well, anything's worth a go once!

Having turned up initially at the wrong venue (thought somehow that the karate class looked wrong), my friend and I floored it across town just in time for the start of the warm up.
Look not be phased by the room full of 20 year olds that clearly know what they are doing.....head up confidence soaring.

Warm-up....all good so far, all familiar ground, lack of fitness due to current circumstances not evident at this stage. In fact, try to mask incompetence throughout with girly giggles!

Attempt to make gliding and swinging look a breeze, shouldn't be phased by ten foot metal pole which is incidentally much thicker then I imagined and far smoother then previous marquee poles I have attempted to dance around.
Try desperately hard to look balletic and graceful and not to end up in heap on the floor.....

Exhaustion sets in mid class and realise that attempts to mask current level of fitness is waning slightly.
Silly moment of girly giggles and impromptu childish clowning behaviour set in and Wyld Woman turns energy lacking attempts into serious level of concentration.
New found skills are put together into short routine - performed like I've been doing this all my life.
Class ends just as I'm getting into the swing of things.

Wyld Woman staggers out of class nursing already achy limbs that I had forgotten I had. Enthusiastically continues walking whilst imagining self turning somersaults during next class!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Never a dull moment!

'Patience is the key of joy'

It's that time of year again, the time of year when Winter is coming to an end and Spring is starting to show itself though the undergrowth. Today it felt amazingly Spring-like. The sun shone from late morning until dusk, what a lovely and much needed surprise!
A change of plans today meant that our wacky home ed group met at my house for a change. We're a group of like-minded folk who love all things a little, let's say....'untraditional' (I'll leave it at that)!
So today we thought we'd try our hand at tapping some birch trees to extract the sap. The sap of the birch tree supposedly has all kinds of health benefits, what a perfect day to carry out such a task and experiment.
So armed with a drill, hammer, plastic tubing, a collection container, drinks and snacks, off we trundled into the woods.
I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place and although I came to be here by default, I still consider myself lucky everyday. Being off the beaten track and two miles from the nearest shop, wouldn't be every ones cup of tea or idea of bliss, but to me it is pure heaven and I am thankful that I am alive and receptive enough to be able to enjoy and appreciate it.

I am surrounded by woodland and farmland, I am connected to the seasons and the farming year. I have an awareness of where my food comes from and gain a sense of matters that affect their production. In the country you live and breathe this life instinctively, it's all around you so it's difficult to ignore it.....why would you want to anyway? There is much excitement to be had over 30 acres of barley!!
So off we trundled into the woods. Not a birch tree to be seen....some how I think I knew that!

So the focus of the day changed from tree tapping to simply being free to explore and experience the beauty of our surroundings. Home educating gives us the freedom to do that. I am ever grateful that I have chosen this path and the wonderful friends I have made along my journey. Some how the friendships that I have made with others doing the same seem so much deeper then any I made during our brief time of schooling. I liken ourselves to one giant family. We trust each other totally, we open our homes and receive each and every child as our own.

The other great thing about these regular meet ups is the amazing array of food we all provide to share. Everything is homemade (with love of course) and every single time we have an beautiful spread of varied delicious things to try. Today was no different to any other gathering with these friends. We took a slow walk back to the house with excitement at the communal picnic we had awaiting us. This is where the 'never a dull moment...' bit came into being. My lovely little dog, had decided to lock us out of the house. Yes I know, she's a clever little beast, she jumps up and flicks the catch on the lock and 'haha' we're on the outside, she's on the in........lalalala!!!

It is moments like this when I strongly rely on my wonderful neighbours for support. Five eager, hungry families all waiting patiently on the communal lawn for the delicious fare that awaits behind that closed door.

1 Hour
After discussing the options over my neighbours phone, it is decided that I should try to drill out the lock.....
I hunt for the so said tools in the maintenance store and set to work....who says I am capable of such a task? Drilling locks is not something I have much experience of!
Two broken drill bits later, I admit defeat!

2 Hours
We devour the small pickings that one family have stashed in their car......

3 Hours
I try to get another neighbour to drill out my luck!

4 Hours
My dear and lovely neighbour pulls up to aid our food rescue attempt.....
He attempts to drill out the already scarred lock and also admits defeat then tackles plan B, the window. Instead of smashing the window, we opt to try and chisel away the putty and remove the glass in the hope of replacing it. It broke!
Five of the children wanted to climb in through the open window to state their claim to breaking in!

So there we have it, a beautiful walk, a wonderful play and chat on the lawn, brilliant sunshine, a broken door lock and a boarded up window...but never a dull moment!!!