Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Love actually.......

Love actually........

I've been flitting and fluttering all over the place recently, I think it's because it's February.....Signs of Spring are emerging, the birds are pairing off, valentines day reminders are everywhere. Last year being on my own for the first time in 19 years, I felt a bit glum during the build up to 14th, I was fine when I got to the actually day, but genuinely felt rather sickened by the whole 'love' thing. I hadn't given a thought to those who were single at that point, it really rubs your nose in the fact that you're ALONE. Well this year I have felt totally different, in fact I am quite frankly having a ball....I am embracing the whole 'love' thing, it's everywhere. I am surrounding myself at all angles with love, lovely people and lovely things. Get this guys....if you are single it doesn't have to be a glum time!
So how did this all start? Well for years I've been 'Romancing the ordinary'...I've said it a million times I'm sure, but if you don't have a copy of that book....well, you are really missing something. It really is inspiring. I can see the love in sooo many things now. I think I did before reading it to be honest, but devouring little snippets everyday just brings a sense of realisation to the forefront of my mind.
A couple of months back I had a moment of inspiration (do you recall me saying??), well, that moment carried me through all that time until now, it gave me a little creative project to focus on.
Here's my journey:-

I crocheted this rectangle, a little wobbly I know but it works!
I covered my polystyrene ring and sewed it on.
Makes a lovely pillow Mum!
I spent many hours sourcing and creating flowers, hearts and more hearts.....
And even more hearts.....

Isn't this cute!

You've got to have love birds......
Then I attached all the bits and.......

Ta dah!!! Do you like it? It's going on my front door, my love to you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     

......IS all around.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A day in flight.......

Well, the door is well and truly open and today I took flight........

My lovely, wonderful, adorable friend (out of the blue) suggested she might have my children for the afternoon so that I could practise flying and ooooh fly I did!

As a single home educating mother with three children, I don't really get much time to myself these days, so when someone offers to mind the children for a while, of course I instantly become uncontrollably excited at the prospect. The only problem is, there are soooo many lovely things that I would like to do that I feel totally overwhelmed and can't decide what to fill my time with.
Anyway, yesterday was no exception, I dropped my little darlings off at lunch time and quite literally flew to my car to begin my afternoons 'Wyld' adventure. My first stop was the wonderful Lebanese take away in Summertown called Lb's. If you haven't stopped in there you are really missing a treat. They have a list of the most amazing sandwiches displayed on the counter and they make them while you wait. The main of them are vegetarian and all are pretty healthy.....mmmmm pure heaven in a sandwich!! Yesterday, I chose the delicious Moussaka. A combination of tomato filled roasted aubergine, houmous, crunchy thinly sliced salad and their yummylicious sauce (no idea what that is), then they conveniently wrap it up in a bread wrap and tuck it up in paper ready for you to take away. I also ordered a piece (yes just one) of baklava mmmmmmm!!!
Ooooh the love of it all, you have to treat your senses well just once in a while and this experience is sensual overload in the nicest sense. I had to give up my parking space pretty rapidly as you can only stop for 30 minutes in Summertown, which meant driving whilst eating. I simply didn't care about the fact that I enjoyed my lunch sooo much it went all over my face as I savoured ever last bit. Wyld women can do that!!

Next I took myself on a little drive to creative inspirational heaven. That's Mason's to the creative soul....Mason's is THE most amazing store ever ever ever, it is in fact three stores dotted around Abingdon town and is truely an inspirational haven for us creative folk! I especially like the fabric store, There really aren't many fabric stores around these days, especially not like this one. You really will not get what I am talking about here and will quite possibly think I must be completely off my rocker....(well you might be right there!)....unless of course you too are of the creative nature and can see the potential in all those hap-hazardly unarranged rolls of fabric of every kind tucked in every nook and cranny of that wonderful store. Well, I have lots of projects on the go so a trip to fabric heaven is just the kind of outing I need, for therapeutic reasons too of course. I am still working on Small boys shirt fabric quilt, his Power rangers outfit (this ones going to be good) and that lovely current project that I referred to a couple of weeks back that has really taken hold....I can rather excitedly say that everything was there :-) :-) :-) well that should keep me busy for a while!!
I paid up (inspiring the lovely ladies who work there first) and then skipped out on my next mission, refreshments!

 I can spot the wyld women when I'm out and about now....they're the ones smiling and holding their heads up high. I even got 'wolf whistled' at today, that hasn't happen for a looonnnng time ;-) hehe, of course you don't look back!!

Another indulgence only to be had when on ones own....a trip to Costa for a hot chocolate (with cream). £3 odd is quite a lot when you times it by four, but for one....totally fine!

As a final treat to my days adventure I called in on my lovely friend Louisa who has two very special additions to her menagerie of children and animals. Two very cute and extremely gorgeous Collie X Labrador PUPPIES. How totally adorable they were too.

So what a lovely afternoon which concluded with dinner (and a tinsy winsy glass of wine) with Kat...pure indulgence!!!
What do I mean concluded??? It marked just the beginning of my creative journey for a long while to come, no background TV to be had this evening, too busy working on these.......can you guess what I'm doing yet???

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fly little bird, fly.....

Today, this evening at 6.15 I removed my wedding ring.

Keeping it on was not only my link to the past but was a way of protecting myself and telling others that I am not available. That has been my intention, but this evening something clicked and made me realise that actually I'm okay, I don't need a ring to protect me, I'm a big girl now, I can protect myself, I am no longer married, I have been set free!

The past year has been a huge learning curve for me...
I have found myself. I was lost but now I am found, my soul dances like she never danced before

I'm alive

 I love life!  X

Little bird, the door of your cage is open, fly little bird, fly.........