Saturday, 2 December 2017

A shock not to be ignored

A shock not to be ignored

This post is not for the feint hearted. It will shock.....I'm sorry but I feel the need to share especially with the women amongst us.

It's as simple as this. For the past two years or so I have had cysts in my breasts. It's supposedly 'normal' for women of my age; a symptom and sign of my journey through the early part of the menopause. On their own they are harmless.
I had these cysts checked upon discovery through the amazingly fast two week express service that the NHS operate these days for anyone with anything remotely 'breast related'. I had to endure mammograms and ultra sound and all was fine. The option to drain them was there but the staff were reluctant if they were not causing any problems.

Cool! Great! Worry ceases.

Roll forwards eight months or so and I feel more of these cysts plus a harder patch and the option to have them drained seems more appealing so I visit my GP again, gain a referral, go through the same rigours of mammograms and ultra sound and the biggest cyst is drained which immediately brings relief. Phew!
Again all is fine I have a little fibrous tissue but nothing to worry about and worrying ceases.

Skips forwards another 8 months and that hard patch is getting bigger and is painful. I'm fine right? Nothing to worry about just fibrous tissue. Hmmmm boob also shrinks slightly. In moment of jest I hatch plan to get cysts drained on the other side to even things up.

Dr's. Referral.

Again almost fobbed with the 'cyst card' but then the radiographer notices something.
I'm fine though surely? I've long-term breast fed, not over weight, eat healthily, pretty fit, not too stressy, I'm under 50 and not used the contraceptive pill for years!
9 biopsies and 16 needles later doubt endures.....the Dr tells me he suspects cancer.

Ten days later I am at the hospital awaiting results and my worst fear is confirmed. I can only conclude that they missed it...twice! Mammograms really do not show things in women with dense breasts.
I have two tumours, one of which is quite big.

Ladies I urge you to insist of biopsies for any lumps you may discover. Please follow your gut feeling. If nothing shows on the biopsy then great but if it does it can be dealt with.
This is a blow for me. I'm three and a half weeks post initial hospital appointment today and I've just had my first dose of chemo.
It's scary, it's unknown.

I know that this will shock many of you and I'm sorry for that but at the same time if it encourages you to check yourself then my job is done.

Some friends and family have shown interest in me setting up a blog to document my journey which I will do very soon. This blog is for the lovely things in life :-)
I'm remaining positive....I have a life to lead. XXXX