Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2016..... where is the year going?


Manic manic times and .......well.....just where exactly is the year going? Life just seems to be on the fast train at the moment and it's been in front of me the past few months and just out of reach.
Anyway, things are set to slow down. Suddenly it feels like the fast train has stopped at the station and I've got off the train....summer has arrived!!!

Miss P has been studying hard for the past year and has just completed three IGCSE's. I opted to have some amazing tutors to deliver the content and set the child on the right path and how flabby that has been. It hasn't reduced the stress levels at home all that much although things have been marginally easier than last year as I'm guessing we had a vague idea of what to expect. It has meant that from a totally selfish side, I have been able to say 'I'm afraid I have no idea, you'll have to ask your tutor'. Of course that has worked to some extent but I have still had to be on hand to listen to 30 odd physics formulae being learned by rote and a great number of 'rules of english' constantly being bombarded at me. One morning the teen even woke me up with her constant questioning....bleary eyed me sitting up in bed trying to work out where I.  It became dreadful towards the end, the teen would ask me seemly random questions of which I had no idea what-so-ever, only to be rewarded with 'I like that fact that I know more than you mum, it makes me feel clever!' Great!
Life has seen a lot of Miss P being escorted all around the county and myself and the others just killing time here and there, it's had its ups and downs but we've tried to make the best of our time at various different places.
Work has been tough too. Sqidging in the odd hour here and there to try and make ends meet, it's not been easy AT ALL.

All this work has had me question whether I really want to go down this route with the other two? The young man would rather dig holes and build dens than look at a book and the Little Lady has suddenly grown up and is quite resistant to work. I concluded that it has to be a no no and in my haste I registered her at school. I opted for a small local school thinking that it had to be the bast option and after all the effort I was offered my catchment school .....I didn't even list that one! To cut a very long story short, I decided to go to appeal. I have to point out that I had absolutely NO GROUNDS for appeal, I couldn't even fill out the appeal form, not because I am stupid but simply because I had NO case. So I decided to write a letter and send that. I researched the whole appeal thing and learnt very early on that my chances were virtually non existent. The school had adhered to the code of admissions and although I was going to the court of appeal (yes, it really is held in a court room), I would most certainly come out looking really rather stupid for appealing and not accepting the schools decision in the first instance. Well it didn't happen. For some strange, unknown reason the panel had absolutely no idea what they were doing and the schools representative had very limited information from the school, plus I seemed to totally have the upper hand and WON my appeal in the first round! Unbelievable!!
So now the reality of my actions has set in and the Little Lady is off to school in September. Still unsure if I've made the right choice but it will give me more time to work and to have one-on-one time with Small Boy who really could do with some undivided attention.
All this child centred mish mash has left very little time for the woman of a wildish disposition to do her own stuff. Creativity has virtually gone out of the window swamped by a world of work and commitment to others, but I have plans......

Today it feels truly like summer. I've had time to potter around the house and get some neglected jobs done and I'm almost on top of the ever increasing piles of work that seem to have taken over my little sewing room. I like it when I have moments of freedom, when I reach the end of the pile. Those are the times when I really live and appreciate life. Small Boy picked me some elderflowers today; a gentle reminder that it's that time of the year again. I seeped some in cold water and then this afternoon a second batch appeared. It was a relief that the scent was elderflower as I thought it was slightly reminiscent of cat pee! Those flowers are soaking overnight in what was boiling water and lemon juice. I'll add the sugar and citric acid tomorrow and enjoy the delicious flavour of elderflower cordial.

I've just booked my ferry crossing to France. We're heading off on a three week adventure with someone special this summer. It's out of my comfort zone travelling abroad but I'm excited about it; as are the children. I've also booked to go to a lovely family camp in Yorkshire. I am drawn to that area of the country; it's simple feel and beautiful rolling hills and sheep farms. So a summer of travelling and adventures ahead. Isn't that what life is all about?

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  1. "All this child centred mish mash has left very little time for the woman of a wildish disposition to do her own stuff." That line sums up me feelings over the past few months. I hope the change will give you more time, and that Little Lady enjoys school.