Sunday, 20 January 2013

Release the kid in you.....

Friday the snow fell from the sky in large quantities and (it appeared) all seemed to land like a giant carpet around my house.
The children were of course delighted, as was little Jenny dog. I on the other hand looked at it in despair at the rapid disappearance of my freedom....


It happens every year. The thought of snow used to fill me with joy but oh, it really does put a damper on things. I totally loooovvvve living in the country, but there are somethings that do take rather a lot of getting used to. You do have to be prepared to STOP and ACCEPT. Being in the the middle of nowhere where the woolly ramilies graze, life is very different from that in the town. Power cuts are a frequent occurrence, often for long periods of time as the little chappies who deal with things fix the supplies of those in higher populated areas first, and Snow. Well when the forecast for heavy snow comes in, us country folk can forget life as we know it for a while - we ain't going nowhere!

My little motor breathes a sigh of relief at the prescribed period of rest that lays ahead.
I sense already that the world beyond our village is functioning pretty much as normal, the main roads are clear. Well that of course is great news...if you can get to the roads! For me, tucked away in a remote pocket of the Oxfordshire countryside, the sheer lack of passing traffic means that the snow carpets the ground until IT is ready to melt away, plus there are hills on every you see - no hope!
So what does one do?
Well firstly don't panic - there's not a lot you can do. No ones going to rescue you for fear that they will become stuck!

2. Befriend everyone who has a 4 x 4

3. Ensure the larder is well stocked. I always have a good supply of milk in the freezer plus veges and flour. That way you can whip up oodles of bread, soup and cake!

4. Kit yourself out with good warm and waterproof clothing and footwear - if you're warm and dry you'll enjoy the fluffy stuff!

In my previous life 'snowtime' was 'social time'. We used to drag out all the local families and congregate on the slopes for much fun and frolicking then return to ours exhausted and red-cheeked for hot chocolate, toasted sandwiches and a game of cards, gambling for pennies. This snowy period seems so far to be one for the kids, they've thoroughly enjoyed socialising with friends, so much so that I have barely seen them.

So what have I been up to?

Sorting - a bit dull I know, but today that vortex under the little lady's bed was cleared and tidied.

Jobs - I have re-sited and put up the shelves that the plumbers left propped up in my downstairs loo last week.

Cooked soup, bread and cake over and over....this evening I made a curry to warm the insides.
I rarely follow a recipe when cooking, usually the title, picture or a quick scan of the ingredients is enough to inspire. Tonight's curry contained a mixture of colourful vegetables mixed with spices and coconut milk and served with brown rice.....I have the usual 'Yuck, I'm not eating that'! I'm quite used to this reaction and do not bow down to it....'Ok, that's fine, but no cake to follow...' they always buckle!

Create - my life would be so dull without creative projects. This week I've started crocheting squares. I had intended to make myself a blanket but as I started I decided it had to be for my friend who is expecting her fifth child very soon. I have already managed 18 squares in the past few days so over a third of the way there.
These projects take time, but they are unique and lots of love goes into them. They are durable and ultimately beautiful - there is something really special about 'homemade', especially when that item is made specifically for someone :-)
 Miss P made a bed for the cat. She is thrilled when the animals use her craftings!

Play - Friday I didn't go out but yesterday I released the inner child in me and hit the slopes for a touch of fun and laughter. Prepared in all my many layers I enthusiastically joined the children on their mission but 'Say what'? I was the only adult out there. Have those around me all forgotten how to play? Or should I behave like a responsible adult and stay at home? Naaaa - life is far too short!

These icicles had formed beautifully yesterday and I waited eagerly to photograph them, so as you can imagine when I saw Small Boy lobbing Miss P's wellies at them I was not best pleased. He smashed the whole lot off! Thankfully today they grew once again and I managed a quick snapshot before he got to them - just!

Hope you are all having a wonderful, safe, snowy, holiday - keep warm and enjoy!


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