Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Life in January

January.....the month when most of us are in a serious state of depression following the party season of Christmas and the New Year.......

Today was a beautiful sunny day, how I love days like this. We were at home today, not an event that occurs very often these days. I may home school, but being home and schooling is not something that happens much in our lives. We always seem to be 'not at home' that confusing? Those of you who are on a similar journey will know what I'm talking about. We're always at work and schooling or at friends and schooling...blaaa blaaa blaaa, it happens and I am so glad we have the flexibility to do so.

Anyway, being a sunny day, I felt inspired to get out and clear the shed. The shed has been a serious dumping ground since I moved into this house back in April last year. It had just got to the stage where you couldn't get further then just through the door. I have an amazing shed. It was probably built as a washroom. There's a little fireplace on one wall and a copper in the corner. It would make a wonderful little workshop to get creative in....I can dream! Does anyone need any old jam jars? I collect them year upon year for potting up my jams and chutneys but when I went in today and looked closely I realised that I have wayyyyy too many. Perhaps they would be good for storing screws in for those of you who like a tidy well organised shed. In my dreams that little shed is decked out with a lovely wooden floor and shelves lined with jars containing brightly coloured buttons and ribbons, and a little table by the window with a lamp and cosy chair and I am busy creating beautiful things with the fire going in the background whilst I'm looking out over the pretty little garden. As I said I can dream! One day the urge will take hold and I shall disappear for hours to be found clearing out everything and painting her up......we all have to dream!!

My one and only resolution for this year was to improve my fitness. Two years ago I was really fit whilst training for the Moon Walk and Dublin Marathon, but these days having little time alone to train, that is no longer the case. My plans are to get the kids out too! They aren't so keen, but I thought perhaps I could get them out on their bikes or perhaps buy them some roller skates and maybe some for me too! (perhaps not for me!!). Being such a beautiful day today, I dragged everyone out for a stroll. It wasn't quite the stroll I have expected but it was good to walk the lake walk and to get some fresh air. I took the dog as you would expect and the cat decided to come along too. He's very elderly and extremely slow these days so walking at speed was not possible, the walk was one of those 'stop/start' paced jobbies. But he made it....just!
Our walk was just perfect for airing my wild side, there were so many beautiful things to spot. I spent the whole walk ooohhhing and arrrring at natures delights. I am so glad that I have time to stop and smell the flowers, there is so much that would be missed if I had a fast pace of life. I'm in such a bubble these days. My wild side is soooo loving shining, I'm thrilled to have found her.

I'm going to share some photos with you...enjoy!!

Blossom January!

Amazing fungi

Small boy climbed about 20ft up to check the contents of a birds nest....took about 20 minutes!

That little black dot is my ancient cat.



  1. Sounds amazing Kim! Such a positive start to this New Year. Jaz Martell xx

    1. Thanks Jaz, positivity all the's the only way! xxx

  2. Is that the pond which my daughter says she swam in (with your daughter) unbeknownst to us???!!!!!!

    1. Lol the whole subject is unknown to me! There is usually a bigger 'pond' at the bottom of the drive which they usually like to swim in, I have a feeling in my distant memory, that it may have been that one! Funny girls!!