Sunday, 6 January 2013

A time for adventure

So having recently turned 40 and deciding to embrace the decade as opposed to trying to deny the fact that I and everyone else is ageing....oooohhhh sorry! I decided that this year is to be one packed with adventures and random acts. (I possibly thought that this time last year too)! Already the soles of  my feet have started itching as I think about how utterly boring it is to remain in the same place doing the same things forever and a day. The sense of adventure is beginning to bubble within me. So what to do for the year ahead.......I'm quite fancying one of those Treetop adventures where you swing through the air at 30 feet attached to a rope and scream for your life....cannot imagine why that one would appeal but something about it does. Then there is volunteering at a local festival. I did this last year and it was a huge amount of fun, possibly more fun then it would have been had I actually paid to go to the festival.

 *Note to self......two man pop up tents are actually not really for two people at all, don't be lazy and take a bigger tent!!!

I'm in the process of booking the usual Summer home ed festival and hopefully the delightful Mother's retreat. Now the thought of somewhere warm is beginning to niggle at my insides....I am a little peed at the promise of an Indian Summer in this country that in fact never this year I think I'll bite the bullet and jet off somewhere hot (do I take the children??). Rather fancying Italy...perhaps I'll contact my long lost friend who lives there and see if I can arrange something. Then closer to home I think I have to take myself out to dinner. Dinner for that so odd these days? Romancing the Ordinary tells me I have to fall in love with myself before falling in love with someone else. Some people don't have a problem with this, but I don't think I have ever practised self love. Perhaps I could take a romantic break for one....wonder if anyone has ever thought to organise such excursions?

Last Friday my adventures  of 2013 began with my lovely friend Jenny and her team. We went to France for lunch! Yes we really travelled all that way simply to have lunch and then travelled back again. It was exhausting to say the least to drive alllll the way to Dover, hop on the ferry, walk around admiring the sights for a day, a bite to eat and then alllll the way back again. It was a great adventure though and very inexpensive too. Thoroughly recommended!


Just a little tiny weeeny bit of me is wondering once again about buying a camper van and being a traveller for six months, then selling the camper van at the height of the Summer season, thus not (hopefully) making a loss. Yes I know what about all that debilitating  'stuff' that I own? Well I could hire a storage unit...! Isn't it sad how laden with 'stuff' we all become in this life. How sad it would be upon entering the gates of heaven to be asked why you never followed your dreams? Only to reply, 'well I didn't because of my 'stuff'....'oh dear, I have to do something about this.

 Our own New Years Eve party....well if no one invites you out you have to create your own entertainment......dress code PJ's and silly head wear......The little lady was indeed wearing knickers on her head!

Jen dog wore a wig too!
 Ummmm no comment!

Small boy throwing a few shapes.....

My 85 year old grandfather joining in with the 'chocolate game' on NY's day........he cheated like mad!

Belated Happy New Year to you all, I have a feeling this IS going to be a brilliant year!


* This you tube clip has just planted itself on here....I have no idea how or why but I didn't put it on so view at your own risk!

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