Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Crafty capers

I woke up this morning to find the snow had once again covered up my road to freedom. Oh the sheer disappointment of it after I had only just managed to get out yesterday following last weeks flurries. Big sigh!.....Oh well, another day of pottering....And then it happened. PING! My creative light came on. I got sooo excited! Oh, my mind has been bubbling with ideas all late morning. I busily got to work on Ebay (don't you just love Ebay) sourcing the things I need for this jolly little project. One find led to another and before I knew it I had spent £15 on bits and bobs with a 'to buy' list eagerly awaiting the next window of opportunity I get to experience freedom from the village.

I'm thinking I have enough items on my list to justify a trip to Mason' I love that little store when I have a good idea!

There are so many things that I can do right now, oooh where to's so lovely to have a stash of beautiful fabrics. I must confess to having a slight addiction where fabric is concerned. I find myself purchasing small pieces just in case I should find some inspiration. It's moments like this when I rummage through that stash and find exactly what I'm looking for. It's as if the 'powers that be' knew such a moment would arise.

I can envisage this little project already, but everywhere I look (now that the seed has been sewn), I find fresh ideas, new inspiration, so who knows how it will turn out?
Right now I'm on the search for LOVE and HEARTS in what ever form they may be....does anyone have any small pink, silver or red baubles they don't want?

No time to share right now........
He he he, la la la - off to create! X

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