Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Life on the 'Home Front' continued....

Day 3

The children were packed off to my friend's house in their 1940's gear today and their packet lunches wrapped in greeseproof paper - this consisted of stale bread, apples, carrot sticks and cucumber!
Dinner - Vege stew with bread (more stale) and sausages (vegetarian ones for us). Fenton stripped the fridge of many of our rations this afternoon, gobbling up a large amount of milk, some cooking chocolate and the sausages!!! Three year olds...arrrrrr!!

Tim and I ate out for lunch today. You could do that during the war. Resturants weren't rationed and meals had to be capped at 25p.
We pretended we saw a soldier whilst out and gave the children a small pack of sweets each for a treat.

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