Thursday, 24 March 2011

The birthday celebration

Birthday's are marked, recorded and celebrated in many ways across the globe. I remember how special I felt as a child every year when my 'special' day came around. The excitement, the feeling of being really important, the extra attention you received and the lovely gifts of course!
When I met my husband in my late teens, he used to spend a whole week celebrating his birthday. Everything he wanted to do and did was excused with 'I am allowed, it's my birthday!'
But there was nothing that I remember from childhood that happened every year, no special ceremony or little event that took place. So when I had children of my own, I wanted to create something that they would remember, something that would be special within 'our' family unit. Initially it became balloons. The birthday child would awaken to find a mass of brightly coloured balloons tied to their chair making them feel like they were sitting on some kind of 'balloon throne'. After a couple of years this was added to with our birthday ring. (shown above).
Tim cut the wooden ring out at work and drilled the holes in it. I bought some lovely beeswax candles and brass candles holders from Myriad and places those in the drilled holes, then proceeded to make the felt characters using wooden dolly pegs, which also fit into the holes. A friend gave me a lovely ceramic rose-shaped candle holder, which stands in the middle.
Of course there is also the all important 'birthday cake', well that area of my life needs a little work to say the least, so we'll not go there!!
I would love to hear what 'special' things others do to mark their birthdays xx

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