Thursday, 31 March 2011

Adventures alone

Myself and two good friends have entered into the London Moonwalk this coming May. We will be power walking around London with many thousands of other women (and men), to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.
I was talked into this event by my lovely cousin, and managed to get a further fourteen people to agree to join us. As I said we now stand at a group of three!
In the early days, I had thought I would go into this event with no training, I thought I was pretty fit as I dance for three hours a week and run several short wrong and stupid!!
Power walking uses totally different muscles to other types of training. So glad that I have realised that now when I still have time to work on my fitness and technique.
Anyway, yesterday I enthusiastically ventured off to Blenheim to walk the grounds.
Armed with my MP3 player and mobile phone, I strutted my stuff for about seven miles. It is a long time since I have ventured away from the usual butterfly house and main palace, in fact last time I want off the beaten track was on a sponsored roller skate for 'Ponies in need' with my lovely school friend Joanna.
What a beautiful walk. Walking is so lovely I have come to realise, and walking alone too. I think we all need to do it. I find myself gazing romantically at my surroundings. Blenheim is full of the most amazing trees. Ancient trees. Then there are the many pheasants, walkers, mum's pushing push chairs, jogger's etc. Being by yourself isn't lonely, (or I certainly don't feel it), it's therapeutic, time-out from the goings on of daily life. I sing, think, gaze in admiration at the world around me, give thanks for the beauty I am able to experience.
Towards the end of my walk it began to rain. Lightly at first and then it poured. The enthusiasm was not stifled by mother natures actions. Rain adds a new dimension and something else to gaze and wonder at.
Another day of romancing the ordinary..............

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