Sunday, 27 March 2011

It's finally arrived!!

I have really felt like I have been suffering recently. Not with illness but more along the lines of becoming totally impatient with the dull, cold weather and the grey skies. Finally after what seems, months of waiting, I have realised that it is here! Spring has finally come to us.
This last week has been totally beautiful with sunshine and rising temperatures daily. I've been able to centre my attention to getting out the gardening tools and digging the soil over ready to plant. I've even planted some seeds in trays in the green house and some flower seeds into a freshly dug bed. I am truly inspired to have a cut flower garden this year and praying for better luck in my attempts then last year. (I only grew weeds!).
I recently read that March is the time to laugh, play, make love and get out there and enjoy the new freedom that the season brings! xxxx

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  1. Sunshine is truly inspiring, everyone wakes up a little bit happier and feeling ready for the day ahead. Sunshine makes you want to smile :) We were in the garden yesterday on the trampoline and N said "mummy lets just have a cuddle and listen to nature". Beautiful.