Friday, 9 January 2015

Moon Walk 'here we go'

Back in 2011, two lovely friends and myself trained and took part in the London Moon Walk. It's a marathon walk (yes the whole 26.2 miles) around night......wearing a fancy decorated bra (oh yes!!)..... to raise money and awareness into breast cancer. Besides being for a good cause, it is one hell of a good/great challenge.
Back then when I initially signed up for the challenge, I thought I'd do it without any training....well it is only a walk isn't it??!! Ummm....WRONG.....this challenge was and is, far more then 'just a walk'. It  is a challenge of endurance, a challenge of emotional strength and a challenge to conquer all.......those who are unlucky enough to develop cancer will be all too familiar with such challenges but on a very different level.
Of course I realised very early on (I think it was the day when I tried to walk just a mile at speed) that I would need to train and train intensively, if I was going to stand a chance of completing the challenge and walk away unscathed at the end.

So four years on and two of us friends are entering again. Why?? I hear you question, well for me this time is a personal challenge to walk it faster...that's all! 
So back in October, I signed up and last week saw the start of months of training, (four months to be exact!). It's not an easy feat to get out there at this time of the year, especially not following the wonderful festive period of over indulgence.

So new trainers at the ready and off we go......

Week one consists of three, three mile walks at a gentle pace....quite a nice way to break us in really and also something that I can happily involve the kids with too without too much moaning :-)

This week was week two, still gentle walks but this time four miles in length....well it just didn't happen.....not according to plan anyway. I thought I'd go out with the Small Boy on the first walk of the week, him on his bike and my walking...gently...or so I thought. We trekked off along a country road which had far more traffic then I thought and so the supposed 'steady' walk became a break neck full out power walk. Four miles of it too! Not surprising that I ended up with a blister on my heel on the first wearing of those new trainers :-( oooh errrr, not what I needed with that only being the first walk of the week!
The second walk was much the same, although this time I did opt for a more traffic free, safer route. 
Only two days on since the blister, I had to lather my heel in Vasaline and layer up the socks to limit the friction. It was pretty sore to start off but to be honest the pain nulled after a mile or so.

I was reminded why I had decided to take-2 on this challenge yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the weather was somewhat warmer then it has been recently. You see so much more when you walk (even at a pace), many more elements of our wonderful surroundings that we just take for granted in out fast paced lives. It's also a change to just be at peace with yourself. You have much time to ponder life when distractions are at a minimum. 
So 'heeeelllllooo again' bum muscles! Good to know you are still there somewhere. What a treat lies ahead for you :-).........

If any of you fancy joining me on my marathon training challenge or if you just fancy a walk in the country, it would be good to have you on board! XXX

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