Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Festive period in pictures

Life has been snowballing along again at rapid speed, one moment we're thinking about the festive period and the next it's all over!
This Christmas seems to have whizzed past faster then ever before and my recent lack of posts has been a reflection of that. Right time to step back and recall the good times.....

The Little Lady tried her hand at baking Cinnamon buns......unfortunately Jenny Dog thought they were really rather tasty too and devoured most of these while we were out!!

Small Boy wanted to try his hand at pheasant catching.......I cannot believe that I aiding him in sewing 'dog hair' into raisins!!! (Fortunately he felt his mission was accomplished once the preparation was complete so no harm to pheasants was done :-))

The kids decorated the house this year......

I liked this little feature and have left it up :-)

Even Miss P's dolls house was decorated!!

This year was a little different from others, I had a desperate desire to stop missing the moment, so I embraced opportunities and went with the flow.....much fun was had :-)

The weekend before Christmas we took a trip to the local Crocodile Zoo.......
Interesting stuff........

Luckily no one got left behind!!

The week leading up to Christmas we decided to leave the chaos behind and create some of our own in the form of a camping trip in Fifi (a friends camper van).

I absolutely love the freedom that such an excursion allows. Two nights away and we literally allowed the world to become our playground.

Day 1: Our trip to the medical museums of Worcester morphed into a trip to the South coast.

Hot chocolate in Lyndhurst

A night in Lymington right alongside the marina - just perfect!

Dinner by candle light (because the internal electrics didn't work!!)

Day 2: Spent mostly playing on the beach, crocheting in the van and enjoying the good fresh air.

Small Boy created a nest of 'turtle eggs'....'Swim little turtles and safe you'll be....'

Spent the night on a quiet side street of Winchester.

Day 3: Admired the amazing Victorian shop signs in Winchester.

Discovered the round table that Henry 8th had painted himself at the top of and picnicked in a car park!

The build up to Christmas was good with the usual level of great enthusiasm, but as per normal I got lost in the moment and my good intentions were lost in the chaos of the period. I did manage to get my gifts together in time but the packs of cards I bought lay pretty much untouched until the night before Christmas eve! If you received one, 'my, what luck!!'

My neighbours children joined us whilst their mother worked and we had a rather lovely day creating Lego models, hair bows and pizza.......

Our annual Christmas Eve picnic in the woods was just what was needed to ground ourselves before the big day. Nature has a tendency to do that. Try it next time you're feeling stressed and out of tune.
We consumed simple soup and decorated a tree for the birds before heading back to the warmth of the cottage for hot tea......

Followed by Chris tingle....... 


Our Christmas day table......

New year fun with friends. For the first time EVER, I was invited to three New Year parties. I have likened the invites to buses.....I made two of the parties but three was pushing it somewhat

Can you spot who was who??

A blustery walk around Blenheim Place, always such amazing sight!

Happy New Year folks! May 2015 be everything you wish for and more XXXXX

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