Friday, 16 January 2015

Back to just us.....

*A week late.......better late then never!!

We've had a rather delightful week this week, just us......that's me plus my three, (oh and Jenny dog, Lily Loula and The Stick!)
I think that we really needed a break from the chaos of late (the chaos of Christmas....isn't Christmas supposed to be  a time for relaxing?? Seems like it's becoming increasingly stressful these days, might have to reconsider the whole workings of the season next time round). So just me and mine.....BLISS!!

Most of our clubs and activities don't recommence until next week, what a spot of luck that is....did I say how lovely our week has been?? Hehe!!

So Monday when the large majority of folk were returning to work, we rejoiced in being able to crawl out of bed when our bodies were ready to do so. A client called by mid morning but the rest of the day was spent just moseying around simply the afternoon, we exerted ourselves a little with a trip to Banbury to see 'Paddington'. I had a little nap mid way through.....(it's the warmth, dark, moments peace where the children are distracted from inflicting pain on each other and the gentle hum of folk savouring popcorn) but can honestly say I loved it (well what I saw of it anyway). If you haven't seen the film yet, it's well worth a watch :-)

Tuesday saw Miss P out at a friends for a spot of 'teenage catch-up', the Little Lady invited herself to her fiends house to plan her latest business venture so Small Boy and I ventured to on the first of many power training walks in preparation for my marathon Moon Walk (see previous post).

Wednesday....arrrr Wednesday....that was another of those 'stay at home and be' days.....I do so love those days that seem so rare these days.
It was really quite a delight to whop the heating up to 17 degrees (I know, I'm really going for it this year) and just sit back. For once there was no fighting amongst the small people they happily busied themselves for quite a while. I even got to spend a little time hooking away at that blanket. It's coming along quite nicely now and is almost at the desired length. Rather funny how that's happened really. One minute it seemed that I was only just beginning my mammoth blanket project and the next...well, take a peek!

Hehe...stripy socks too!

I shall have to work out how I'm going to edge it next.
So whilst I was busy bumbling about with my things, Small Boy was busy at working drilling, hammering and sawing wood on the sitting room hearth. He worked away for hours quite happily until he had created a bed for his Rara (that's his exceedingly dirty comfort blanket). He's commissioned me to make a duvet and pillow for it when I have time :-)

Mean while, The Little Lady decided to cook up the soup for lunch. She's becoming a useful 'dab hand' in the kitchen and seems to have a real flair for food preparation. So from my little sanctuary upstairs I relayed information on how to create tomato and lentil soup and within half and hour the delightful aromas came wafting up the stairs. She was quite pleased with herself, even more so when small Boy commented that it was better then mine!

She even laid the table too!

Miss P spent a little of the day doing some studying then a lot of the day creating 3D figures with Loom bands. The craze that seems to be coming to a halt the world over is still very much alive in our house with amazing creations being churned out daily. We took a little trip to the local garden centre this afternoon and The Works were selling the bands off at just 10p a pack......we have an even better stash now!

The other little thing that is already proving 'life changing' this week, was my 'on a whim' purchase of a 'Crock Pot' or Slow cooker as they are better known here. Well what a delight. Just ten minutes prepping and chucking in of veg, turn it on and six hours later after going out or busying yourself with whatever....Ta day!!! Dinner smelling delish and ready for tucking into. It's like having your own chef! This really is the answer for a busy single mother with no reliable other to help out when you return late from activities. Thoroughly recommend :-) :-) :-)

Oooh look, there it is....talking of which....... the smell of yummy offerings is wafting up the stairs right now! Mmmmmmmmmmm :-)

I almost forgot our visit from this little poppet...........                    

Sooo cute!

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