Friday, 21 November 2014

Winter warmers

What a strange week I've had. I started the week with a dreaded cold. I was long overdue my share of the horrid nose clogging virus having gone virtually the whole year without so much as a sniffle and wham did it hit me hard. I'm not good when I become ill. Mainly because I simply don't have time to be unwell. Sometimes I think nature has other ideas, perhaps it's a way of making you stop and pause for  a moments breath.
I was most annoyed this week as having not danced for seven weeks I was planning on attending my weekly fun filled dance class with Jive + for a 'dips and drops' workshop, I had my parents lined up to child sit and everything! First thing Monday I woke with a stuffed up nose which resulted in no taste or smell. I guess Monday was peak day. I had hoped that with a little of my daily activity I'd recover by the evening, but no....not to be. Jive is a partner dance so you do have to consider your fellow partners when deciding whether to go or not to go along and a red snotty nose isn't the most attractive look!
Some how making the decision not to go lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. I could stay home, light the fire and do a little more of my ripple blanket.
It's horrid being ill at the best of times but when you're a singleton it somehow seems worse. It's times like this when I really miss having someone around to care for me and well just take the reins and let me rest. I don't really get much breathing space at all especially with the children at home full time (my choice I know). Luckily Miss P stayed with a friend Monday night and the little lady had a play date and was to be dropped home so it was just the Small Boy and I to worry about. We built the fire together and sat making paper aeroplanes for good part of the afternoon. It's a joy when you just have one to give your attention to.
When all were safely in and after an hour or so of 'rippling' I turned in for an early night.......

Woke up feeling MUCH better....the morning sunshine was beaming in through the window and I was recharged with a new sense of positivity. Being single is fine when you're well :-)
Enthusiastically woke the house and rushed the Little People out for a country walk with friends.
We went along to Swinbrook near Burford for a walk through the fields to the little church at Widford. We first visited St Oswald's church last year. It's a rather enchanting little place and on this fine morning it provided an opportunity for a run/brisk walk with the sun's warmth beaming down on us. It's lovely to have time to meander at leisure and that we did. Little Jenny dog came along too and was most pleased to have been invited when so often we leave her at home. The children ran ahead with their friends stopping mid field to dam the little stream that ran through it.

Once in the church the children quickly became engaged in role play imagining the box pews were their houses, they spent over an hour creating their imaginary homes. I quickly refreshed my mind with the history of the place then trundled back outside to enjoy the late morning sun.....arrr just what I needed!

Once home, Small Boy and I took full advantage of the decent weather and cleared the garden of leaves, packed the garden furniture away for the Winter and built a den.......

Today my sense of taste and smell has returned to normality, what a relief! It's the Into Film festival this week and last so we dashed off to Banbury first thing to see Coroline. I was really proud of myself for arriving on time, with time to spare. I realised when we couldn't actually open the cinema door that I was in fact 24 hours late!! Time suddenly became a thing of leisure and having paid for  couple of hours of parking it was a shame not to take a stroll into town. We always feel out of place visiting towns during school hours........
This evening the need arose for some loveliness.......

Yummy vegetable stew with cheese scones, heart shaped and made with love of course :-)

The Little Lady made gingerbread people for afters, love those warm spices...

Oh and I purchased a set of battery operated fairy lights to well......

....bring a bit of enchantment to the stairwell :-)

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