Thursday, 27 November 2014

Life is for living

Today is the third anniversary of the sudden departure from earth side of my wonderful husband/best friend/father of my children and my true soul mate.  

Three years living as a family of four.

Three years as the sole provider and single responsible parent of my three children.

Three years of rebuilding our lives yet at the same time trying to live as 'normally' as possible.

Three years of waking and realising that my worst nightmares are in fact reality.

Three years of trying to piece together the pieces of the puzzle that will never be complete.

But life does move on......the pain is there but is less intense....... you never forget!

Loved ones past remain in your memories forever, they continue to influence the way you live your life, they grow in the children whom they bore. 

Love remains in every living cell of your body. Old memories give you the strength to move on and make new memories.

I do not dwell on the past but use it as a series of lessons for the future. 

Life is for living......

Live it well XXX

These arrived and surprised me today....I actually thought I had a secret admirer :-).....they were from my lovely friend Sarah who has helped me walk my path. Aren't they beautiful X


  1. Beautiful flowers remind me of you! xx

    1. You are very kind Rebecca :-) xx

  2. What a lovely post, and a very thoughtful gift.