Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sweet lilac

Morning my lovelies! And what a beautiful morning it is too. The sun was up from her cosy bed early, it's only 11am and already she's beaming down on us with all her Summer loveliness, arrrr what a relief, finally May feels like it should.
So what's been going on? Well the fact that I haven't posted for several months is an indication of how life just carries us away and presents us with busyness beyond our control.
We've moved house to a beautiful cottage set amidst many acres of gorgeous countryside. A smaller cottage then we are used to but still with plenty of room and a cosiness that literally 'hugs' you, exactly what we need.
This morning with small boy at pre-school, we ventured out to capture the rays and owww what a lovely walk we had!

 Do you see all those buttercups? We thought of the lovely cows grazing in the field and how lucky there were to have such beautiful yellowy numbers to munch away on. How rich their milk will be...what lucky calves!
And the Lilac....mmm the smell was divine. Wanted to pinch a bit and bring it home but mmmm thought otherwise. Will have to seek out a tree in a friends garden somewhere.
Then back home for a slice of Herman cake and a cup of Yogi tea. The note on the tea label today.....'When you cannot listen, you cannot speak'.....uh how true! 
Enjoy the sunshine, long may it last! xxxxxx

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