Sunday, 25 March 2012

Through the cottage window

What a busy weekend we've had. So much is happening in our lives at the moment that I am almost forgetting to stop to smell the flowers (almost). The time has come to leave Hillcrest and Fulwell. We're moving to a little cottage in Ditchley which is just a couple of miles away and close to where we lived before moving here. It'll be lovely! So moving house means that I have another excuse to clear out some of the 'stuff' that I have accumulated over the years. This time it's a much smaller house so a radical clear out is very much on the cards. Well how libererating is that......loving it. Loving it!!! Loving Ebay!!! Today I'm selling my car (one of my cars). Mildred our trusty friend has got to go. Well I don't want to create an instant scrap-yard at the new place do I!
We're all a bit sad to sell Mildred. She's a 1969 Morris Monor traveller (the ones with the wooded bit at the back). We had dreams for her but at the end of the day.....she's a car!
That's her before we started tampering with her.

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