Friday, 11 February 2011

Romancing the Ordinary

I have to share with you a book I am reading....'Romancing the Ordinary - A year of everyday indulgences' by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Written month by month, this little treasure helps one to see the romance in ordinary everyday things. Last week I found romance in soft luxury socks which prompted an affair with my feet.
Having re-discovered lovely socks I realised that the 'not so little' trotters positioned at the end of my legs were...let's say, in need of a little TLC. So my romance blossomed further as I took to work to lessen the damage to the poor workhorses and created a lovely foot balm which I have used every day since.

I modified a recipe that I already had. Here's what went into the scrumptious mixture:

A little Mango butter
2 oz Cocoa butter
2oz Shea butter
100ml Olive oil (just regular kitchen OO)
A couple of drops of Orange essential oil and a couple of drops of lime EO

Just melt the butters in a baine marie and stir in the olive oil. Leave to cool then add the essentail oils and whisk. Pop into lovely jars and use as required. I massage a generous amount into each foot before slipping each foot into a lovely sock.
Try it at bedtime and check out the results in the morning!


  1. That sounds great Kim, but I am so ignorant I'm going to have to google Baine Marie to find out what it is. I've heard of it but not retained the essential info!

  2. It's a bowl over a pan of boiling water Sarah. I am sure you have melted chocolate in this way before. Just a fancy name! xx