Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Hair Studio

As a home educating family I am always amazed and excited by the little things that my children think of and do. This morning P created a card board violin complete with bow, which was 3 diamensional. It didn't work, but the thought and detail that went into the design were incredible.
This afternoon, it's a different story:- 'The Hair Salon!'

Note the sign says quite clearly 'No children under 4'! (thats Fen out!)

We are always expected to pay...such entrepreneurs! Although on this one occasion I am told my style is free....

 Mmmm, no comment!

P and E even created their own 'Hairdressing club' T-shirts!


  1. Hi, that is so lovely! Those moments are priceless aren't they?
    Niamh says - she loves the t-shirts and wishes she had thought of the hair studio herself!

  2. They are priceless and definitely to be treasured!