Friday, 4 February 2011

Puppy journey continued

The following night to our surprise, another 3 puppies were born (although two did not survive).

Raising four puppies has been an amazing experience. Until three weeks of age, Jen did all the work. Feeding and clearing up the pooh. From that point onwards things do get a little more full-on for the pet owner. The pups manage to get out of their whelping box and attack everything in their path (legs, laundry etc) and this continues.
Christmas was probably the most challenging time when the pups reached 6 weeks. At that point the box was being kept in the dining room. I could not tell you how many times I had to clear up pooh that day, not so nice when you have just sat down for lunch with a room full of guests!
We started to advertise the puppies after Christmas. I had not wanted to let them go before this point as I had been worried that they would be sold as presents (not good). The initial take up was very slow and I did fear that no-one would buy them and that we would be stuck with 5 dogs!
Luckily they have now been sold, apart from the one remaining one that we intend to keep. So I guess our journey is just beginning.......

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