Saturday, 4 April 2015

Science overdose

We've recently come to the end of Oxfordshire's science festival where organisations across the county have hosted a wide variety of science activities for folk of all ages. I have to confess that although I studied science at school waaaaayyyyyy back, it's not really a subject that is of much interest to me. I'm more of the airy fairy creative type me.

In previous years anything remotely science related has usually come to my attention after the event and I have always sighed a small sigh of relief that I haven't been involved.
This year somehow (not sure how?), I did actually take note of the fact that it was science festival week. Perhaps it was due to the fact that we had a guest attend our Home Ed group who ran a laser workshop? Maybe it was the recent solar eclipse? Or maybe the fact my sister pointed out the event? Who knows?? Whatever it was, this year I decided that perhaps the children might like some of the activities on offer. So we pootled off to the Natural History Museum in the first week and to the Science bazaar at Brookes University in the second.
Well, I'll be honest and say there we loads of really cool and interesting things on offer to do and see. I was proud to witness a familiar home ed father and son leading two demonstrations too :-)
We even got to solve a cool is that!

Here are a few piccies:-


No fear!

Runner beans on soggy tissue in a plastic bag- makes for a perfect mini green house which can be stuck onto the inside of a window and observed.
We've got a race going now.....!

Cornflour goo....( it was actually custard powder)

                         Watching the solar eclipse....this blacked out car                 window worked well.....

Amateur astronomers at work....all eyes on that tiny light dot!

The action viewed with the naked eye...

Taking part in scientific research...

What's happening here?

Our own egg speriment

Candling after 5 days....can you see the embryo developing? 

A friend offered me some eggs recently as she has a glut of them so we decided to incubate some. The incubation period for chicken eggs is 21 days so we have a week left to this space!

Dare I say that I might actually 'like' science after all!

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