Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Mmmm lunch for free

Hmmm I've been out and about foraging for scrumptious delights to feast on. Spring time is a fantastic time of year for free food. As the warm weather starts to kick in the green areas become alive with tasty treats.
Way back in May 2013 I blogged about Ramsons (or wild garlic as it is know to most). It grows mainly in woodlands and now at this time it is definitely at it's best when all the flavour is within the leaves. You can forage it right into May but the energy moves up into the flowers in May and the pungent flavour isn't as intense.

A word of caution when picking. Make sure you don't confuse the garlic with Bluebell leaves or those of the Lords and Ladies, which grow side by side.

So our favourite little haunt is laced with Ramsons right now so with the weather as it has been for the past few days, it seems the perfect excuse to take a wander and go picking.

You can add a little layer of grated cheese here. Yummy!

You can add the tasty leaves to salads or my most favourite thing is to make them into pesto. If you look back at the May 13 blog 'If you go down to the woods today.....' you can find my recipe.
Saturday when I made my first batch of pesto of the year, I spread some onto a plain flat great and lightly fried one side, then I sandwiched another flat bread on top and flipped it over. The kids love it too!
Garlic pesto is also scrumptious stirred into pasta or as a pizza base topping.....

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