Sunday, 8 June 2014

The merry month of May......

Marvellous, magnificent, magical, mysterious, merry,  May........

May, the month where all the mayhem of the Summer begins, (well in my eyes anyway)!
For the past couple of years I've longed to wake with the birds at this delicious time of year and trundle off into Oxford to experience the madness of May morning. Hear the choir singing from the tower at Magdalen, watch the sun rise, laugh at the revellers and just generally be the part of a tradition I know very little about.

This year (for the first time ever) I had two invitations for May morning.....the first was to celebrate a friends birthday with breakfast, the second to join in with a bit of jolly May dancing and madness a little more locally. Well of course, my bed is a very sacred place and an early rising is rarely on the agenda so although I would have loved to have ventured into the madness of Oxford, I instead invited the birthday friend to dance with me :-)
So here we are dancing away in the lovely village of Churchill, Nr Chipping Norton. The church there was designed by the same person as that at Magdalen, it's known as 'Mini Magdelen' to locals. I wasn't serenaded by choir boys and girls but elders ringing hand bells. And the revellers took the form of a large number of worms who were charmed from the depths of the earth by our gentle (thundering) foots steps! 

Flowers are in abundance suddenly in May and warmly welcomed after the dull landscape of Winter.

Love the words to this old song that I remember singing at Primary school.....

May also brought many other adventures...after grafting REALLY hard for a day on a friends farm, the children had the opportunity for a spot of pony riding. I did too although was honestly far too exhausted to do anything other than sit and be escorted in circles.

We visited the Roald Dahl museum in Great Missenden Such a fascinating and inspiring chap was Mr Dahl, everyone wanted to be a writer on leaving the place :-)

May hosts Oxfordshire's Art weeks where a whole host of artists and crafts folk open up their homes and studios to allow the inquisitive public a little peek at the talent hidden within.
Once again sooooo inspiring, that week everyone wanted to be artists!!

Exercising our wild sides always features no matter what time of year it is.....
Then there was the wedding of my very handsome nephew and his beautiful bride........the opportunities for dressing up are so rare these days.

Thank you May until next year........





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