Friday, 16 May 2014

Dance for your daddy......

Life has been stupidly, wildly busy recently, I've had two weeks of total non-stop madness. This weekend marked the end of that period with further fun and frolicking in the form of complete and utter mind blowing craziness at the Rock Bottoms weekend in Torquay.

300+ dance crazy madmen (and women) seized and ambushed the entire Derwent Hotel and neighbouring establishments for a packed weekend of feasting, partying, cabaret, foolishness and DANCING :-)

Such a busy lead up meant that I had little time to become excited or anxious about the experience to follow, it didn't leave a whole lot of time for packing either. Two weeks prior to the event I dreamt two nights in a row that I had forgotten my clothes (except the ones I was wearing). Arrrr no clean knickers......unthinkable!
Thankfully those dreams didn't become a reality.

So following a busy day Friday, I finally managed to leave home ready for action!
It took me three hours to drive to Torquay, quite a nice surprise really as I had estimated it would take four. I do get a little 'throttle happy' when I want to get somewhere fast......
I actually quite like car journeys on my own, my own choice of music and head space to look around and be in awe of the wonderful surroundings I pass.
Arriving virtually last was not so cool though. The only parking space left was deemed inaccessible and required some 14 odd manoeuvres to squeeze the car in. Undeterred I did just that and abandoned my beloved chariot for the weekend. Of course the only remaining space was also in the most remote car park and furthest from the hotel. So loaded up with tightly overstuffed bags (I the dropped wine -luckily bottles survive concrete bruising....someone up there thought I deserved a good time!).
Arrived at hotel in a dishevelled state, hot and shattered from the ramble wondering how on earth I was going to survive the endurance test ahead?

I did manage a little bit of forward planning on the costume front for the Saturday night themed Greek or Geek evening. Initially I had thought sexy Greek goddess in something white but as I researched the Goddesses I came across Artemis, the Greek 'Goddess of the hunt'. The seed was sewn and in usual 'Kim style' quickly took root. A couple of days of thought and a trip to the wonderful Mason's inspired me to buy this......

Which quickly turned into's a basque.....

 And this......

Oh, that's the booby bit!!

There it is...all finished :-) There's a bow and arrow on the back, although obviously you can't see that. I also put in eyelets and laced the back :-) 

It was most comfortable although a small mess up with my choice of zip meant I needed serious help getting the thing on and off (I wasn't short of volunteers for help here!!)

I always have a spring in my step but after a whole weekend (extended weekend too) of hours of classes and free styling, not to mention partying, swimming, seaside capers, dining and late nights, I'm quite frankly KNACKERED!

It seemed I am somewhat of a 'lightweight' rolling in at 2am three nights on the trot and functioning with an increasingly glazed, zombie-like appearance as the weekend progressed. I honestly think that another night may well have literally killed me, I would certainly not have appeared at all 'human-like'....perhaps I had already reached that state? It's hard to tell.

I met some lovely people whilst away (the Jive folk are always so friendly and inclusive), and had a jolly good personal experience too with some fantastic classes and some very talented dancers, I even learnt to fly :-) (loving air steps classes).
So home safely, caught up on sleep and booked to go again in November!! :-)

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