Thursday, 6 March 2014

Back on track.......:-)

It doesn't take much....there, little blip over and chugging along nicely again :-)

Sometimes I think you just have to step back from life, look at yourself and where you're going, then step back in and carry on. It's good practise and helps things run more smoothly.

I'm so excited today, I've mastered a new skill. For me the simplest things make such a difference. I've been wanting to fit a cat flap since our little kitty arrived back at the beginning of November but because of the damp and cold conditions I didn't get any further then looking at the door, ordering my desired flap and thinking about how I was going to fit it. Instructions were provided thankfully, but unless you know the lingo such things can still remain a daunting prospect. Luckily I come from a family where mechanical, gadgety, DIY lingo was flying around all the time and although I often appeared to show no interest in the slightest...I guess some of it went in and stayed there.
Up until two years ago I had many jolly little project ideas which I would plan and my darling husband would make things happen with my gentle encouragement. We worked really well as a team there. When he departed earth side, I made the decision that I could either sink and let everyone run around and do jobs for me, or swim and be empowered to get on with things and do them myself. I'm not the kind of person who likes to rely on others so a rapid steep learning curve it was to be and 'girl power' was created!
Fitting the cat flap requires a hole to be drilled into the door and the plastic framed 'flappy bit' to be positioned within and screwed in place. Not too difficult I thought accept a jig saw is needed to make the hole and up until an hour ago I hadn't ever used one before. The other minor detail was that I live in a rental house and of course potentially cutting a hole into a door using a jig saw for the first time could carry the risk of totally ruining the door. Which would mean fessing up to my landlord that I'd wrecked the door completing a project I hadn't got permission for or having to keep quiet and buy a new door and fit that.....gosh this is getting complicated. Best not to think about the things that could potentially go wrong and boulder on in and do the job right...first time.

Tracking down the tools took a while. Many came up with offers of the goods but not someone close until today when two people came up trumps at the same time. Obviously today was the day I was supposed to get stuck into the job.

My lovely neighbour heard of my plans and was willing to help but it's very difficult for someone like me who is firstly a perfectionist and secondly, vastly independent. I HAVE to do it by myself.
So tools at the ready, measurements done, template drawn on the door.

Holes drilled.

Jig saw plugged in and instruction given (but job done by self......intricate neatening also done by self

Hole successfully cut......(DOOR NOT RUINED!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-))

Plastic flap housing all screwed into place.

Happy pussy, happy me :-)

* Oooh and now know how to use a jig excited about that, project ideas already flowing in dream bubble.......

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