Thursday, 7 November 2013

Making the most of it....

Ummmm I have to admit finally that you were all's difficult to admit that, but there you are, you heard it straight from me, the time has come......

Last night my beloved Emerald died.

Don't worry nothing too tragic in the scheme of things, Emerald is my car!
When you live on a country estate with pot-holed roads on all approaches and have three wild children and a dog that likes the position of co-pilot, okay and if you're Me and you are always leaving things until the very last minute which means that you always have to race to make places and appointments on time, then eventually you may well call it a day.
Emerald has been our trustworthy and reliable (oh so reliable) friend for the past seven years, she hasn't let me down once, until last night, and even then whilst struggling for that last breath of life she ensured that Miss P and I made it into Chipping Norton and back safely. Good job too I'd say as our raincoats weren't in the boot!

For the past two years I have neglected my poor car...failed her on servicing and cleaning, she's been more of a mobile skip then a chariot of the finest kind. Her manual locking system failed as a result of my leaving her to dog sit the pooch last Christmas, her screen wash pump had a heart attack when it was expected to clean vast amounts of mud from the screen, her bushes brushed off the anti-roll bar, due to all my off road rally driving and recently her belly pan was ripped from her midst as I reversed off a curb I'd mounted (twice)....poor poor Emerald.
So last night my faithful car could take the strain of family life no more, she bumped and jolted a little in her final hours and struggled with those final wheel turns to bring us back at a steady 20mph (5 uphill and a super fast 35 down)! I had no idea she had an inbuilt 'make it home mode' which I later discover is 'Limp it home mode'........I knew I could depend on her.

This morning I set about trying to resuscitate her, thought I'd give her a little TLC in the form of a cable wiggle and some tender words. She growled a little, I guess a sign that her aches are still present :-(
The words Mr Smith are on the tip of my tongue....

Luckily my lovely friends managed to pick us up today and take us out for a session of willow weaving and chit chat....not sure any of us anticipated that the creations we made would mean we had to travel back in two cars! Shall now have to think of a does one buy a car when you live two miles from the nearest road and have no car to drive to the nearest garage? ( roller skates, bikes, skateboards, hitch it...........) as all aways comes right in the end, I have nothing to worry about!

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