Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Thank you X

I have been writing this blog for about two years now and during that time have kept meaning to say 'Thank you' to those of you who take the time to read my posts and make comments :-)

I was thrilled when the total number of hits reached 1000 and had meant to voice my excitement back then...oh how time flies...I have now hit over 8000 incredible is that?!! Incredible and such a boost to little old me who really has no idea at all how to write and who just waffles on randomly about whatever significant thing come into my mind.....what a delight to have such a following....yeeha, woohoo...skipity skip!! Oh dear, has it really come to this? No wonder my dear children think I am totally bonkers!!

Anyway, I want to share my latest little gadget with you...have you noticed the little fish on the right hand side of the screen? Cute aren't they! Well Miss P informed me how to add entertainment in the form of little fish to my blog, it's nice having little pets to keep you company whilst you are madly writing away. You can feed my little fish by clicking your mouse within their tank and watch what happens....oh the simple pleasures of life! I am now wondering if it is possible to overfeed them??

The other recent additive is that you can now read my blog in different languages, yes, there's a link at the top of the screen on the right. Well you might feel inspired to read whilst holidaying in Spain......!!

Now, I am thinking that the time might have come to add a little more to this blog but my brain is totally not of the technological kind and I genuinely have absolutely no idea what-so-ever how to make the changes I have in mind. This is where you my friends come (hopefully) to my rescue.
Firstly I really would like to know how to upload photos quickly from my camera? At present it takes ages, such a bore and I would love to be able to offer visual stimuli to my posts...
Secondly, I really would like to know how I can highlight a word within my blog which will enable you, the reader, to click on it and be taken to some far off place (namely another website, for when I want to make reference to something or enable you to look further into something I've been rattling on about).
So dear friends please don't be shy and come on out of your keyboards to voice your ideas.....
Thank you soooo much....(here's hoping of course that you do help....hehe!!) X


  1. I am not sure how you increase the speed at which your photos upload without suggesting a new computer!

    The highlighted word you would like add is a link. When you are editing your post across the top of the box you are writing your text into there should be the word link. If you click on it it will give you a box, I usually copy the web address I want the link to go to and paste it into the correct box, the lower of the two. You can test the link to check you have the correct web address before publishing your post. The upper of the two boxes will also show the web address if you delete it and write whatever word you want to be highlighted that will be the word that your readers will click on to be transported to another site.

    I hope this all makes sense!

    1. Thank you so much I shall give that a try when I am next inspired to write. Knew someone out there would know what to do :-)
      Hope you are enjoying the sunshine X