Sunday, 14 July 2013

Live a little......

I am completely struck by the love of doesn't take much does it? A few days (well a week now) of glorious sunshine and I feel like this year we haven't been short changed of the season. Do you remember the ghastly Summer we had last year (yes I know best forgotten that one!).

It was sooo hot yesterday, I found it difficult to decide what to do. Having children around certainly keeps one busy...sometimes doing things that we really would rather not do. The kids decided that they would like to camp out last night so muggins here had the arduous task of erecting the tent in the blazing sunshine. Funny how the kids disappear when there is work to be done, even if it is for their benefit! Ummmm!!!
Well, it wasn't only my off-spring that planned to camp, the intention of the entire Timberyard (that's where I live) were fixated on doing the same.
There are ten small people within our small community, all of similar ages. Each and every one of them makes themselves at home in all of the houses (I have to confess to doing the same myself), it's really rather lovely.
So tents mid-morning the squabbling had begun; that's someone spraying water at someone else or a child's flip-flops being placed out of reach in the tree or some banter about something....! When you have so many children living in one area it happens. So the threats started pouring 'If you don't stop this and get along, then you'll not be camping out tonight'!....'Just get along'!! Anyway, by late afternoon myself and my friend had been talked into sleeping under the stars with the children....not quite sure exactly how that happened, I do know that these things happen frequently though! It's almost as if the children have some sort of powers that put you into a trance and convince you to agree to something and then when they snap their fingers and you wake up in a dreamy state, you haven't a clue how such matters came about...really very bazaar!!
So after an evening of entertainment (from the children) and some adult socialising with my lovely neighbours, we threw together our make shift concentration camp (well that's what it looked like).
The children danced and frolicked in their pyjamas for hours before settling down.
What started off as seven children camping out ended up being two (plus us adults) and then an extra one joined after an hour of so......I'd like to say I had a peaceful nights sleep but although the calls of nature are harmonious in many ways, the call of 'Mummy I'm cold' and 'I've wet the bed....' were somewhat destructive to a peaceful slumber!!!
So here we are the day after and funnily enough the child are out of sight again...there is work to be done of course, clearing up all of our belongs and trying (oh trying) to squeeze those tents back into their bags (why do they make them so small?).

My point to our adventure is, that you have to live a little, go with the flow of children (and myself) will have fond memories of our sleepless night under the stars....not sure they would be so quick to recall a strict seven O'clock bedtime!!

Ed note: Would love to add photos but seem to have encountered a techy problem!

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  1. Lovely Post, things are never dull and boring wih young children involved are they!
    We bought a tent for £5 in a charity shop last week and Ash and Mia camped out in the garden that night too, I think Mia slept better than Ash!
    Gina x x