Monday, 10 December 2012

The pleasures (pressures) of Christmas

So the festive period is upon us again, how fast this year seems to have past us by.

The excitement is brewing in our house...For what? For all the wonderful things that are tradition and the time that we will spend with family and friends....isn't that what everyone is excited about? Apparently not.
In true 'me' style I differ from the norm in just about every way. It is not that I go out of my way to be different, that's just the way I am. I just have different thoughts on 'things' original values. Christmas is the one time of year where my values are criticised the most. We don't 'do' Father Christmas!!!!! There, I've said it.........People cannot understand me at all when I say this. 'How cruel' I am told. So here is my chance to justify to the world my reasons. (Should I have to do that?)

1. Christmas is the festival where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, this sight has been lost in so many peoples lives.

2. My first greatest hate is the 'I want' culture. My children have everything that they need, 'I want' simply doesn't get. In most households children are encouraged to voice what they want :-( I prefer that they are given something that someone has chosen to buy them and that they are grateful for everything that they receive. This is the time of year when virtually every one asks the children 'What do you want for Christmas?'

3. There was supposedly a fellow named St Nicholas who gave sweets to children and helped the poor and needy, how did the current Father Christmas (who gives new bikes to those in the Western world and the gift of life to those in the third world) come about?

4. Father Christmas is in fact a stranger who it is told comes into the child's house and bedroom. I do not lie to my children.

5. Parents use the the bribe of Father Christmas not coming for the whole Christmas period. Errrrrr

6. (This one isn't related to FC), the person who you feel obliged to buy for who has everything and tells you they have three of these......(not mentioning any names there Dad!!!!)

OK, so you think I have ruined the spirit of Christmas? As a family we don't spend vast amounts of money that we cannot afford on gifts that will never be played with. We are not in debt because of Christmas. We do learn about the true meaning of Christmas, we attend carol services, Christmas bazaars etc, we think of others who are less fortunate then ourselves. We do buy and make gifts but they don't have a value on them ( not worth a tenor)! We do meet up with friends for parties, merriment and our annual picnic on Christmas eve. We do possess Christmas spirit and deliver home made biscuits and sweets to friends and neighbours. We do watch lovely films about Father Christmas and comment on what a lovely tale it is. We do decorate our home. But best of all, we laugh, play and spend stress free time with our family and share in the delights of preparing a wonderful feast together. The giving of gifts is not the most important thing. Would it ruin Christmas completely for you if there were no gifts?

Seasons greetings to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Lol you forgot the testing of sloe gin! My favourate fazackerley sale delight! Xxxxx

  2. I've always done Father Christmas. We have stockings that I made for the children, and they are filled during the night with small, fun gifts. My thought is that if collectively gifts are given in the spirit of not being reciprocated, but as generous fun, then there is an echo of the spirit which fills the original story. I like to think that it is this that is being perpetuated.
    The version I know of the original story, is that there were three lovely daughters, but their parents were very poor. For this reason no one would marry then because they didn't have a dowry. St.Nicholas came during the night and left each one a golden ball - these were the dowries. The girls never knew who gave them the gifts, it was anonymous and done out of kindness and generosity. I think there is something rather special in that.

    1. Oh that is a lovely tale and very special X