Sunday, 18 November 2012

In search of St Alban

Our home education history project for this year is the history of Britain from the Celts and forwards. We have been using the book 'Our Island Story' by H.E. Marshall, which is a truly inspiring book filled with stories that relate to the kings and queens from each period and interesting historical facts along the way.

So this week we went in search of St Alban.
St Alban was the first Christian martyr in Britain and was around during the time of the Roman rule 60 AD (?) He was in fact Pagan prior to becoming Christian, and stories are told of how he hid a Christian priest in his home (as Christians were hated and killed if discovered during the main of the Roman rule). He then pretended himself to be the Christian, knowing what fete was in store. However, the people of his town recognised him as 'Alban the good man', and they refused to kill him. He was eventually killed by command by the Roman soldiers at that time.
The abbey in St Albans is an amazing place, dedicated to this incredible character. There is a crypt in the middle of the abbey supposedly containing Alban's bones in  a gold cask. However, it seems that they are no longer present and their where-abouts is unknown following the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry 8th. That guy has a lot to answer for!!!
I thought I would share some photos from our day with you as this really was a very beautiful place.
Enjoy! xxxx
                                                         The ceiling in the Norman tower.

 Window depicting the death scene of St Alban.

                                                   Children lighting candles near the shrine.

 This is the shrine of St Alban.

Beautiful woodwork and carvings.

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  1. I love the photo of the altar screen where it looks like Jesus is doing the splits!