Thursday, 2 August 2012

A circus with a difference

Du dada! De dede....!
Into the big top and here we go........!

It's circus time again, an amazing and inspirational part of Summer for our family. But this is no ordinary circus, this is Gifford's Circus an exquisite arrangement of fabulously crafted, vintage inspired costumes and scenery, put to foot tapping/stomping musical finery. I have not come across anything like it, this family of entertainers are like no other I have seen before.
Several friends raved about Gifford's some years ago and I was put off by the cost of the tickets. It is not a cheap day out, however, it is one that it so spectacular that it is worth the cost by far.

This year the purse strings have been tugged more then ever and I made the decision that Gifford's needed a rest from my credit card payment for a season. However, when a dear friend offered to take Miss P as part of her daughters birthday present and after a brief viewing of the circus waggons passing me by one day, I changed my decision and booked away!

Isn't that just so beautiful! All of their caravans and waggons are painted in these colours and can be seen being towed from destination to destination in Oxfordshire during the Summer months.

 Somewhere not too deep within me is a person rather deeply drawn to costumes like these. I could almost see myself parading in such finery on a daily basis......yes, I sense your heads shaking, that's why it's only an 'almost'!
The acrobats were incredible this year as always!
But it's definitely the costumes, the smell of candyfloss, the old pipe organ and those beautiful waggons that do it for me.
What traditions keep Summer alive for you?
Enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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