Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sunshine loveliness

Valentine's week....another excuse to remind ourselves to wrap the world in LOVE....arrrr!
What better love can I ask for then to be in the company of my delightful children enveloped within the British countryside; sheer delight.
Last Wednesday the light was particularly brilliant for snapping away and it actually felt warm. Mmmmm warm sun rays are the perfect antidote to ward off the Winter blues reminding me that Spring is really just around the corner.

What a beautiful sight. I love the texture of the reeds.

It wasn't long before someone was hooking oysters out.......

Water is one of my favourite mediums to photograph. The reflections are truly enchanting.

Snowdrops have been out in flower since early January, they're so delicate and pretty.

Love these girlie's :-)

There's always one who fancies a dip regardless of the time of year!

Bull rushes 

So much love and life in this beautiful world. The sun's smile helps to highlight and magnify it :-)

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