Monday, 17 August 2015

The innate traveller

I have this little urge to travel right now. Not sure why but something within seems very much drawn to explore. I don't think this is a long term something, my innate traveller seems to be saying 'a year' not even sure where? or how? It's just idea popping into my mind.

As a teenager I did have a little taste of 'life on the run'. I ventured off to the US to work on a Summer camp for eight weeks and then took off with two newly found friends for fun and adventures along the South coast of the USA for four weeks. It was a great time; free from exams, free from institutionalised education, free from parental guidance :-) Oh yeah! It was good!!

Ever since the Summer of '92, I've always had the desire (mainly in the Summer months) to just get up and go. This year has been no different to any other. Following our recent week at Hesfes in the cold and wet of Wales, I did develop 'Camper envy'. It was a funny sort of envy....I wasn't envious of the plastic moulded, finely decorated interior...more the thought of the element of freedom that such a vehicle allows. I've been drawn to horse boxes and beaten up buses...yeah I know, others think I'm crazy too! Narrow boats have crossed my mind too :-) but again not luxuriously fitted ones.

I'm putting my thoughts out there..........

I had actually planned to escape to the North this week. A little trip roughing it with the children in hobnobbed tents equipped only with the bare essentials, that was until the untimely breakage of my cars timing belt which has left me rather stranded in Ditchley. It's amazing how you feel like your on an island when you live in such a remote place; it has its disadvantages!

At the beginning of the season, I thought it would be a great plan to buy an old caravan (thinking rounded front - pre double glazing and pouffe seats) and to site it on a small site or even on a farm somewhere, so that we could just get in the car and escape for a couple of nights of adventure when we fancy. I was totally shocked by the amount that sites want just to have your vehicle stood there (nearly £2000 a year - shocking! Especially as I was hoping to pick up a van for around £500!!). So until someone kindly suggests a suitable place for a lot less money, that idea is out!!

I've looked at camper vans. There are some lovely ones out there but just not quite what I'm looking for and once you have one, there's the question of where you are going to store the beast? (when you're not out having wonderful adventures of course)!

So a car and tent trip it was to be; a little Northbound trip heading for the area slap bang in the middle of the Moors and Dales. I have been promising the children a day on the North Yorkshire Moors railway for several years now...yes, we've recently watched the Railway Children (and yes, I cried!!). I also long to view the beautiful sea of purple as the heather flowers....arrrr delight at the thought :-)
Oh well, fingers crossed that my wonderful father will have little Blueberry up and running around and perhaps, maybe.....we might be off next week.

Until then....

I am left caring once again for baby birds as my son's curiosity got the better of him and he poked a pigeons nest which came down with two rather ugly chicks in it! If anyone has read 'Boris the Vulture?' you will know the look I am referring too! How on earth that unattractive beak develops into the sleek sculpted feeding tool it becomes in adulthood, I do not know. Feeding them scrambled egg from tweezers is not my idea of a great pastime (especially not as they are covered with mites which seems to get into all the wrong places and they keep viciously pecking me!). If I had the use of a car I would take them to the rescue centre but until now my own efforts will have to do.

Hey you know what, sometimes being stuck on an island isn't too bad...things actually could be worse :-)

Ed note: A friend of mine is touring France right now and writing a lovely little blog about her adventures, do pay her a visit

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