Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunshine loveliness

Ooooh wasn't today a beautiful day!
I went to bed last night wondering what I could do with my small folk today? I trawled through the local paper and checked out the local 'Things to do pages' on line, but nothing really jumped out and inspired me. By my, when I opened the curtains this morning after a peaceful slumber, the sunshine beaming in through the window calling me outside to play. It truly felt undeniably Spring-like. Yay! At last :-)

I've been suffering this weekend with my second bout of a cold. Strange that! I endured the symptoms of a head cold only two weeks back and am feeling a little disgruntled at having been caught once again after a week of feeling well again. This latest episode wasn't one that liked my being outdoors initially. We popped into town on Friday and Whoa! That was not a good move. I felt dreadful upon my return and had to wrap up once inside to regain some core heat!
Today the air was warmer and the wind was at a minimum and that sunshine, didn't it beam :-).....
My instant thought was to take a little stroll along the river in Lechlade and visit the little old church there, followed by hot chocolate in one of the local tea rooms. (Hot chocs have become the new eating out treat in this ere household in recent years).
We didn't actually make it out until 1pm following every ones fiddling about with this and that, you have to run with it as it shines at this time of year as the sun still goes down around four. So with not many potential hours of loveliness remaining we packed up and drove.
Burford was closer than Lechlade and called to be explored, so to save time that's where today's adventure began.
Now, we've explored Burford many many times before, but only the shoppy bit on the hill, ooh and a little bit once when we took my grandparents for a picnic along one of the little side streets. Today we planned to walk the river.

Equipped with ourselves and the dog, a little money and a phone, off we toddled. I had anticipated a two mile trundle today with many moments of pause to paddle, climb trees, admire the view......hmmmm, the best intentions hey!

The mystery child in the red coat.....

Enthusiasm was up on the first couple of miles as we reacquainted ourselves in each others company....all good.

We saw the river in the distance and seemed to be walking in parallel to it. I was certain that at some point there had to be a foot path that would lead us across the fields to admire it's beauty at close quarters.

That alluring river and pretty Church in the distance 

Two miles further and we could see Taynton church in the distance, still beyond the river....surely there had to be  footpath to Taynton? NO!

We kept trundling (younger members of the party not to happy by this point), there had to be a foot path to the left at some point?

Complaints step up, bribes in the form of a possible trip to the traditional sweet shop, start to flow!

Still we keep walking but still no footpath to take us to the river which is now just a tease in the distance. Finally I resort to Mrs Sat Nav in the hope of some light on the subject. Of course there is a way through but we're not there yet!

The moss on this wall practically glowed with the sun shining on it (picture doesn't do it justice)

I've pictured Jenny dog with her 'wolf' shadow before. It was with us again today :-)

The Barrington's. There was actually a heron on the green which provided a moment of distraction.

*Note to self, Sat Nav's work well when used when travelling by motor car as distance passes rapidly. On foot, this is NOT the case (well not with winging children in tow!).

**Second note to self, map out route prior to commencing!

Pressing's amazing the number of possible distractions that can be conjured up when desperation sets in. I should have just turned round and gone back but the potential excitement I was searching for was ever there out of reach. Animal tracks in the moss on the road, old tin cans discarded on the verges, Spring flowers emerging, the list is endless....almost.

Well, we walked to Little Barrington, then Great Barrington, Taynton and finally back to Burford.
Little Jenny dog didn't complain one bit :-)

A whole bundle of cock pheasant tail feathers to add to the collection.

Our two mile adventure turned into EIGHT miles of drudgery and complaints from the children. Why don't they share my enthusiasm for the good out doors? (Contemplates leaving children at home next time!).

We made it....I survived!


All was made well as we did make the sweet shop and the tea room (just).

Heres's hoping that you made the most of the sunshine and had a perfectly delicious Sunday XXX

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