Friday, 31 January 2014

Be open to opportunities.......

At the beginning of the year, I decided against compiling endless lists of resolutions that were more than certain to be broken; never to be resumed again. Of course, as most of us do, I have things in my life that I would like to change. So I made myself two promises:

Firstly, to be true to myself. To me that means to follow my own dreams, engage in activities, friendships etc that I believe in.

And Secondly, to be open to opportunities (this could be a fun year!!).

I've always been one to make excuses in life in order to make life easier, to take the direct familiar route, rather than the unknown. In doing so I feel that I'm limiting myself and sometimes it's just easier that way. I'm comfortable with the familiar and don't always like to step out of my comfort zone into the unknown.....I'm not alone, I know.
An example of this behaviour and the first challenge to my 'self promise' was an invitation to a 'jolly Sunday knit and natter' with some wonderful friends. Now way back in the days of old when childcare wasn't an issue, I would jump at the opportunity of such an invitation to sit around drinking tea, eating cake (lots of cake) and chit chatting....oooh and knitting of course. Such wonderful and inspiring moments of 'wrap around friendship' that warms the heart and nurtures the soul. How could I miss such an occasion??? Of course I would go.....or would I????
In order for a moment of 'me' time to even be considered I have so consider the logistics of what to do with the children. It is often precisely these factors that prevent me from accepting and embracing every opportunity that comes my way.
You'll be glad to hear that I was true to myself and worked out the rather complicated logistics of childcare and had a jolly good afternoon!

Now this event seemed rather a dilemma back then but was really nothing at all compared to the second opportunity that came my way. Oh no no, the second opportunity was one that I realised straight away was/is totally bonkers, I'm still laughing at myself now a week after the deal has been done. I am completely, totally and utterly out of my comfort zone on this one......
So, what crazy, idiotic, wildly nutty thing have I done now????
Well........I've bought some shoes......children's shoes. Between 700 and 900 pairs to be exact. If I'm being completely honest I have absolutely no idea how many pairs I have purchased but it is no exaggeration to say that they have taken over two rooms in my cosy little cottage!

How many pairs of shoes does a girl need?

At this stage I am feeling rather proud that I have embraced the opportunities that have come my way. This one is by far the most random and was totally unexpected.

I've become an over night 'Del Boy'!

My dearly beloved used to do a bit of buying and selling here and there, but me - haha, I've only dabbled a bit on Ebay, never anything on this scale.
What makes this whole scheme even more ridiculous is that I am really not the kind of girl who's into shoes. My personal collection consists of only about five pairs that accompany me through life's journey. If shoes could talk they'd have some tales to tell!!

So what is my plan of action with my stash? Well, many little thoughts have popped into my head, many sifted through never to be considered again and others left to mull and simmer in the hope that they'll come to fruition in some form or another. Things seem to be happening rather organically really without any real plan. We're only a week into ownership and we're well into making plans for re-establishing 'home space'. There's a long way to go and I have to remind myself that I MUST remain motivated for fear that the shoes will take root in the house like the furniture and almost cease to be noticed if they stick around for too long. That would never do.

The shoes are lovely, gorgeous, utterly scrumptious, in fact top quality European brands.
I have school shoes in all sizes from 25-44 (that's about a 5 child's to a 10 adults) in several different styles and a selection of casual shoes and trainers. Summer shoes, oh boy, loads and loads of those....'Oh me oh my' sooo many pairs of baby and cute little toddler shoes...please if you have little people........ The retail price of these delightful numbers are mostly between £35-£60 and I'm letting them go (really letting them go) at £20 and under a pair, really cheap SERIOUS BARGAINS!!!!
Miss P kindly set up a Face Book page today on which I am going to try and post pictures of ten pairs a day (will have to be well disciplined there too). You can find us here  please check us out and like the page. And if you like what you see or wish to delve into my stash, please feel free to make contact :-)

Totally bonkers!!!!!

Thank you :-) XXXXXX

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