Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Twas the night before Christmas.........

So finally we have made it to Christmas eve. This year, I was determined (was sure) to be organised for the big day. Early on that was the case and then somehow I seemed to slip into a downhill spiral of complacency and before I know it I'm back to the usual mad (frantic) rush trying to get everything done.
Christmas eve is always a time for making and handing out last minute gifts to friends and neighbours and usually my annual Christmas eve picnic. This year my lack of organisation meant I had to buy last minute gifts on Christmas eve AND make those delicious truffles for the neighbours. I love doing these things but do sometimes question why I put myself through such chaos?

Christmas in never complete without attending a carol service of sorts. This year after much debating we went to our local crib service. We've been attending crib services for years with the children and they make for a lovely start to the festive period. This year however, the children made it quite clear that they were NOT going to participate in the nativity building which often requires them to dress up or carry a character on a journey to Bethlehem (or the front of the church to us).
This year, the vicar's wife began handing out knitted characters....they were beautifully handmade and colourful, I felt myself longing to have one to hold and admire. So as she neared the rear of the church where we were sitting I looked smiling to the children only to find that two out of three children were hiding quite literally UNDER the pew and the third had made herself almost invisible in the corner, hmmmmmm!!
Well the knitted king was handed to me in the hope that willing may be shown and almost immediately Small Boy emerged from his hiding place to admire the character. A secret smile swept over me knowing deep down that he would be part of this annual ritual. The vicar's wife read her story and little children from all over the church bravely walked to the front carrying their figures.....when it came to the kings, Small Boy took my hand and said 'Come on Mum'. Sitting ahead of him in the pew I had to lead the sooner had I got through the door of the old box pews he shut the door behind me and cheekily waved at me saying 'Bye bye Mummy'!! Oh dear, between them they had done to me what I have previously done to them, I walked up to the nativity scene (the only adult to do so) to place my figure.
Perhaps we've outgrown the crib service!!

So back home for dinner and the other 300+ jobs I had left to do (or so it seemed), all to be tackled at once, last minute gift wrapping, cooking food for tomorrow, games to find la la la

For what?

So what is Christmas to you? What is it that makes you happy?
A fancy gift?, A break from routine? Time spent with family?

In our house we don't 'do' Father Christmas. If you look through my posts from last year you'll discover my reasoning. However, one Small Boy still likes to imagine what it might be like if FC were to be real. Last night when I put him to bed he was wielding a piece of rope, I questioned him 'What are you doing'? 'Ha ha' he giggled 'I'm going to trap Santa!! Hmmmmm, that boy's mind works over time really it does. When I finally got to bed, I actually laughed out loud to see a cross made from rope on his radiator and a line up of six guns all facing the door.......good job the poor fellow is just fictional, might have had to resuscitate him if he were for real!!

So I realise we are all on a journey, a journey of discovery. During our travels we have to constantly examine our pathways, sometimes that means facing change. Look a change as a positive step even though it may sometimes seem sad or daunting. Change is healthy and is necessary in order for us to grow as individuals. Water becomes stagnant if it doesn't change and flow, we are similar.

Enjoy the festive period and be open to change.

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