Monday, 9 September 2013

Supermarket no no

It's Monday morning and my alarm tinkled away at usual for me I hit the 'dismiss' button and slipped back to the land of the faeries for ten minutes which inevitably ends up being at least another hour. I can do that (and frequently do) as I don't have any school runs to do. My first moment of serious engagement for today is not until 10.30. The children are quite capable of entertaining themselves and cobbling together some breakfast whilst I relax and take in some well earned moments of peaceful slumber. Finally I have reached the stage where they don't depend on me or indeed rely on me, 'quite' so much, and it's wonderful!
Having drifted back off back to my rather comical dream that is far too 'for my knowledge only' to share, I am woken ten minutes (OK, 20 minutes) later by the dog yapping at full pelt. My lovely friend the Riverford man is outside dropping off my weekly delivery of fresh organic vegetables.
Normally I just ignore his presence and allow the dog to bark for the ten minutes or so that he's fumbling about outside, but this morning The Little Lady called from downstairs that the Riverford man was here and knowing that my utility room is full of old boxes that need returning for reuse, I just jumped out of bed at speed, tripped down the stairs whilst trying to pull on a jacket blurry eyed, flung open the door and trundled of to lug the load of boxes back to the front door, just in time to greet Phil, the lovely driver with a welcome smile! Arrrr hope he didn't notice that I have only just woken up!!
I have been ordering my fruit and vegetables from Riverford for many years now, gosh thinking back it is many years and have pretty much had the same driver throughout. You form a good friendship with these folk (if you get up and talk to them). In the early days of having children, he would be one of the only people of might see in a week, a friendly, familiar face bringing nourishment to the door.
Even though I select my fruit and veg on line so know what's coming, it's still exciting when the box arrives. When you select 'cucumber' you don't know whether that will be one long one or two short ones, plums may be a variety of colours and sizes etc etc. It's a little like unwrapping a present! Oh dear, I'm beginning to sound terribly sad'll know exactly what I'm talking about it you receive a box too!
How life has changed over those years.......having spent the past two years as a single parent my financial circumstances have changed dramatically, I barely have any spare income at all if any, in fact my income is really rather pitiful, but it's enough, our maker always provides somehow to ensure that we have exactly what we need ('wants' have to go on the back burner). Even with a minimum income the optimum nourishment of my children is a top priority to me. I might be able to get organic vegs cheaper from the supermarket but then I am faced with the temptation of the offers and other delicious looking 'pull-ins' that increase my spending and don't necessarily nurture me and my children on the insides. At least with Riverford or my other little haunt Worton Farm, I have limited choices and all those that are on offer are wholesome and pretty pure. I could do all my shopping with Riverford alone and avoid the hustle and bustle of the supermarket day perhaps. Until that time I continue to order my food from Suma wholesale coop (as a cooperative of course) and Riverford.
My brief catch-ups with Phil don't last long, ten minutes is long enough to put the world right...for now :-)

Upon closing the door and glancing in the mirror, I notice yesterdays eye makeup smudged down under one eye and my hair looking rather like I'm about to audition for a rock band....hey ho!!

Enjoy your Monday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. We get an organic fruit box from a local shop each week and we never know what will be in it - so exciting! Organic raspberries ths week, yum. Wish we could afford to do all our shopping from local independent shops, just doing the best we can for now x