Thursday, 30 May 2013

Swish and dine......

I've been having a major clear out recently mainly of clothes but also of 'material things' that seem to clutter our space and our lives.
I have two wardrobes in my room and both were full to almost breaking with clothes, it really was quite ridiculous, so sort out I did. Anything that hadn't been worn in two years was dumped into a pile...that pile really did become quite a mountain. How many little black dresses does a girl need?
I'm rather embarrassed to say I found eight!!
Once I started the whole process became really quite enjoyable and liberating, la lala lala la, out and out and out..oh yes out with so much stuff....I have whittled my wardrobe needs down to cool is that!
Then I moved onto my drawers and baskets......more things to go....I'm loving this.......

The bug spread to the children's rooms where the floor had become an extension to the wardrobe....The Floordrobe!! My new rule is, if it doesn't fit in then you either have to rid yourself of something to make room or give it away.

Eight bin liners full later I am faced with the 'what to do'? with it issue....I could take the stuff to the charity store and often I do, but on this occasion I figured that so much 'stuff' warranted a party....(any excuse with me). So I invited a whole crowd of like-minded friends over and we had a 'Swish'. A Swish is  clothing exchange. You bring along things that you don't want and take stuff that you do.
In real Wyld woman style we had a 'pot luck' supper too where everyone brought something tasty to share. We had a real gourmet feast (I wouldn't expect anything else from these lovely friends). Quiche, salads, wild garlic pizza, jacketed potatoes and a selection of hearty puds all homemade, all delicious!

Once nourished on the inside we set to exchange. There is a definite order of respect and no smashing and grabbing as I once experienced at a jumble sale (never again). People generally have someone in mind for an item and if that person doesn't like it it's offered to all. It works really well. I had to keep the children back (no easy task). The little lady snuck in and demanded her checkered dress back at one point (the one she's never yet worn) and small boy yelled 'Don't sell my clothes' (he hasn't grasped the concept of the swish yet)! Even my visiting niece seemed to think I was giving away something of hers (I ask you, how embarrassing?!).

 I got rid of six bags of my unwanted items and reclaimed a few of my own items that when push came to shove I realised I actually quite like really (do hope that I wear them now).
I also gained a very pretty 'Whistles' skirt, very 'me' ....really lovely, shall be sporting that one should we have a Summer this year!
My friends left with their cars full...haha what a sight!!!
But what a wonderful evening, swishing at its best and a great social time too......


  1. I swish I had known; have only recently sent Steve off with eight of our own black sacks to the clothes bin. Sounds like a great idea!

    1. Next time I'll give you a bell and invite you along :-) x

  2. What a great way to spend an evening and to get rid of unwanted clothes. :)

  3. Such a good idea. Where are the photos of it??? (just kidding)